TJOTMS, EP 21: The Battle of Two Moons, Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

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Surface of New Texas, near Graveskul

After the initial clash between the capital ships of the Allies and Krang’s Co-Belligerents, both sides withdrew for the night (see the previous episode, link: HERE). There was heavy damage to all of the engaged ships, but the Allies faced an additional problem.

As long as the ships of the Reich and the Imperium stayed in close orbit to New Texas, they could rely on additional firepower from Krang’s Technodrome. Although the Technodrome was grounded, she still mounted heavy guns, and in fact, was responsible for the bulk of the damage against the Lone Starr in the initial fight.

Nor could the Allies stand off and blockade. Black Vasken and other friendly troops were engaged on the surface of New Texas. To concede orbital space to the enemy ships would allow them to bombard the friendlies below.

Unable to advance, and unwilling to stand off, the situation required some out of the box thinking.


After a conference between the allied leaders, they have a plan for a night raid against the Technodrome.
The Technodrome is far up the valley and behind the main line, so while the allies cannot march the army up there, a force of commandos could be inserted close to the compound. It is only guarded by militia, so a quick strike to plant explosives might be successful.

Three teams are chosen for the raid…

 Task Force Tomahawk

Eight Ball Command

..and some scrappy Mercenaries, itching for a fight...

The Battle
The teams infiltrate from the darkness, and as expected, the militia sentries are thin on the ground.

Task Force Tomahawk advances across a field, using the hedgerow as cover, 

...while the Mercs creep up the hill in the center. 
On the right, Sgt. Q’Taupa of Eight Ball, sights in on the sentries at the gate.

At GO time, TF Tomahawk takes out the patrol on their side, while the Mercs exchange fire with the watchtower in the center. 
Q'Taupa shoots down the sentries. Eight Ball and the Mercs get intermixed, but they surge forward to the low wall together.

TF Tomahawk’s early progress is blunted by the fact that almost all the roused militia is pouring onto their side of the Technodrome. They rack up an astonishing number of kills, but their forward momentum is stopped, and they take casualties.

The watchtower in the center is proving to be a tough nut to crack, and takes 2 of the Merc’s out of the fight. But the return fire is devastating and the revenge is total.

A path on the right is cleared..
...and the charges are placed.

The teams break off, e&e into the darkness, and then


Onboard the KCS Mary Shelley

Emergency repairs are underway, as the Shelley expects to be back in action within hours.

Supplies are being shipped in from a virtual fleet of shuttles... and well

A boarding team sent by the enemy, slips through security and attacks the Shelley. It is complete pandemonium as the attackers fan out.

Half head toward the bow...

...and half for the engine room in the stern. There was an exchange of grenades, but the boarders came with a flamer, and were on a rampage. They heavily damaged the starboard gun battery.

...and were decimating the crew. But just as they forced the engine room door...

a lone plucky trooper made the headshot of the century and downed the flame gunner.  The battle wasn't over, but this shifted the momentum, and the boarders would advance no further.

Combined with skillful use of barricades by the Ship Security Teams in the bow, the threat was contained.

The trojan shuttle made a last minute kamikaze attack, and did additional damage to the hangar deck, but the overall threat to the ship was over.

There was a huge cost. The Starboard guns were not repairable, and crew casualties were very heavy.
The showdown with the the Dragon and Cerebus is going to be extremely difficult.


Hello Readers,
The battles were run by Lopez showing off his "Rogue Ops" adaptation of the "Black Ops" Osprey rules. There are some very creative mechanics in that set. I especially like the way the rules deal with models in cover. Essentially, a model in cover can hunker down and any hits are accumulated against the cover. If that model tries to rise up and do anything, then, it must roll for the consequences of the hits. This creates a "suppressive fire" effect, since the model is effectively pinned. 
But even better, the choice to stay down or to rise up is in the player's hands. There is no roll. The player decides. It's very clever.

Go over to grove's blog for his take on the actions, link: HERE

Next week's post will be the final culmination of everything. All the ships are damaged in one way or another and the casualties are unsustainable. Everyone is running out of time, equipment, and bodies.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Gripping read as always. I had wondered which ruleset you'd break out for the covert operations. Nice to see the osprey rules run so well, I have a copy on my shelf that needs to be tried out in the future.

    1. Lopez's version is a mix of the turn sequence an cover rules of Black Ops, but then the Stats and "dice" rules of Necromunda / RT 40k. It comes together quite nicely.

  2. Did you guys make it out of the actual weekend standing? I'm not sure I could survive this much fun without completely crashing for about a week! Every time you think this has got to be the big finish there's more!! Splendid!!! And holy crap, what just happened?!!! (I need new punctuation. Why does this always happen when you're involved? Or Grove.)
    . . .
    Very well done!

    1. So, the Technodrome game was the last game on Friday night, and the raid on the Shelley was the first game Saturday morning. It was really a non-stop full-on demonstration of hobby max.

  3. KA-FREAKING-BOOM...awesome stuff dawg, my post is going up now.

    1. So I read yours, and I completely forgot about the failed coordinated bazooka attack on the watch tower. Probably just blacking out bad memories. :)

    2. I personally find the best games are often the ones with the most unexpected and comedic results. You just can't buy that kind of crazy fun. :)

  4. This is getting to be an expensive operation!

    1. Truly.
      Being a crewmember on the Shelley seems to be an especially poor (and exceedingly short) career choice.

  5. Great writeup! And I love your squad of mercs--I have some of those figures myself.

    1. Those belong to Lopez. I never liked the Copplestone IG because the lasguns were without stocks. I just couldn't get past it. He brilliantly found a fix by using arm sets from Victoria Miniatures. They are perfect and now, I'd be willing to pay and arm and leg for those old Copplestones.

  6. Great stuff. Rogue Ops is fun, I like the activation mechanic and the suppression fire. It's also really good for those Night Ops against sentry scenarios.

    1. I haven't had a chance to run the sentries type scenarios yet. I am looking forward to it.
      I have to say, the suppression mechanic is one of the most creative gaming rules I've seen in a while.

  7. Great stuff! The raid on the Mary Shelley looked especially cool.

    1. I thought the Engine Room was doomed, so with nothing to lose, I had a grunt fire through a combat trying to get him. Shockingly, it worked.

      thus, winning the game and proving that rolling more 6's than your opponent is ALWAYS the best strategy.

  8. This is fantastic stuff. I just can't get enough!


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