Incident at Hoestra: a Kill Team batrep

KCS Cacos,
Hoestra Transfer Station,
Lawrence System

The KCS light cruiser Cacos is on a "show the flag" patrol of the Lawrence System. She's made a short resupply stop at Hoestra. 

When in an unfamiliar port, the ship's security team remains on high alert. 

Lt. Seveda and his team stand ready for any emergency.

The Battle
While at her berthing orbit, the Cacos' sensor techs notice something amiss on the adjacent freighter.

Suddenly, two large explosions rock the merchant JPS Medetian. Full active scans indicate several armed Automs on board, and ongoing gunfire.

Lt. Seveda
Helm, there's no time to get the weapons online or the jump drive fired up. There's nothing for it. Use our maneuvering thrusters and put us alongside the freighter. We're going to take this head on and board. It's the only way.

Cpt. Roche
Helm, he's right. There's no time for anything else. Go now!

The top priority is to protect the Cacos, and then attack across to the Medetian
Fire Team 2 secures the Cacos' aft battery...

while Lt. Seveda and Team 1 secure the bow turret.

There is an attempt by the pirates to board the Cacos through the center, but the spotter and assistant gunner of the Heavy Weapons Team counter assault and hold the Automs at bay.

Meanwhile, Seveda and Team 1 cross over onto the stricken freighter. They have to cross an open area. One of the team goes down and Seveda is wounded.

Team 2 quietly crosses to the freighter on it's bow, unopposed

Under covering fire from the Heavy Weapons team still on the Cacos, Seveda and the combat specialist continue to try and close with the Automs. They end up in a stalemate across a raised portion of the hull, but...

...that allows Team 2 to sneak to another access panel and engage the command lock out. The Medetian isn't going anywhere. The Station and other ships are safe.


Maybe not as polished as usual, but these are the raw pics from a Kill Team game played at Goldmine Games a couple of weeks ago. (Rogue Trader wasn't out yet, and at the time we didn't even know it was coming so soon. So, just a regular Kill Team game played across 2 of my ship hulls).

I was running an event to help players get some games in, and among the things I dragged down there were the 2 ships to set up sort of a boarding action. I mean, battle in space? How cool is that? Apparently, not cool enough.

They sat unused all day because... get this,  
none of the participants wanted to play on a "non-standard" playing surface. 


Anyway, at the very end of the event, one brave soul agreed to play a game just to indulge me. (Thanks a million, Chris!) A lot more happened that I captured in the pics, and the Flayer he sent over scared the crap out of me. Luckily, that thing whiffed in close combat for 2 turns and allowed me to snatch the objectives.

The figures are Necromunda Van Saar with headswaps. I found some really cool looking enclosed helmets from Puppets War and I've swapped some of the heads out again. Pics for that to follow.


  1. Thanks for pointing out the providence of your figures.....I was trying to figure out why they looked familiar but I couldn't place them. A very fun looking game with a strong's pretty sad when people are shying away from playing on a fantastic looking set up.

    1. Thanks Dave,
      I am terrible about sourcing my models. Hopefully I can keep this new trend going.

  2. Why the fudge would nobody play on those until Chris?! That’s pretty unimaginative of them but great that you got such a fun report out of it. I’m a bit meh about the Rogue Trader model styling but great seeing all these little forces getting used.

    1. I agree about having mixed feelings on the figures. Nurgle and Chaos in general just isn't to my taste, but even the Rt and crew are a mixed bag. On the positive side, I really like that we are getting some post-Space Hulk rules for close quarter skirmish.

  3. Nobody wanted to play on a "non-standard" table? Aw, bloody flaming plagues of heck! Sorry to hear that. Glad you got at least one game in. That sort of thing can sap your energy. You have my sympathy. (And also my envy for your awesome "non-standard" boards.)

    1. I was disappointed, but OTOH I try to remember that by bringing my stuff, I am asking people into my hobby. It doesn't (and shouldn't) always line up with their hobby.

    2. It just feels odd to me, since you're already taking a step into the current GW world by using the new rules. (And maybe even inviting Newhammer players to use their figures. Not positive on that, but I at least imagine you did that, from the way I was reading it.) No, hobbies absolutely don't have to line up. I have several. I'm with you there. Folks from Symphony land don't usually step into Spacebattle world or vice versa. (It happens. Mostly with spacebattlers going to the symphony, oddly. In spite of what the stereotypes might say.)

      But anyway, I don't disagree with you. But it's disheartening when you take a giant step into their world and they don't take a small one into yours. I mean, it's not like you were asking them to play Pulp Alley or something. (Who knows. Maybe that would have been easier.)

      Good to be sanguine about it, but I feel your disappointment and commiserate.

    3. Thanks, I appreciate it.


  4. Can I ask Will would the players be 40K players ? the reason I ask is for some reason I find a lot of them never want to play outside the box, all I can say is it was the players (Chris apart) loss a miss chance that might never come their way again.

    1. Yeah, they were 40k players, and I find there is a mindset not so much about Tourney play, but about staying exactly with rules as written so they can play anywhere with strangers and the game is the same.

      I am baffled by this. Almost no gamers travel and play strangers. (yes, I know, "we" do, but we are bizzare outliers). And further, IF a gamer travels, it's usually to a con where they sign up for events that all have special rules.

      How this came to be an actual concern is bewildering.

    2. Yep but you find that the special rules that the cons use are what they play by most of the time mate, at least that's how it is in my neck of the woods, I'd a club mate refuse to play in a 40K game once because he was going to a tournament that weekend & because I never used lists that you'd be likely to find at a tournament it wouldn't be practice for him.
      Confused I was, anyway like I said above their loss & just put it down to experience & carry on with your cool stuff :)

  5. Well, some people don't know a good thing when they come across it. Looks like Chris must be some sort of Alien from around those parts....should have given the guy some sort of medal? I would have been barging past everyone, no manners, just hip and shouldering all the plebs aside just to get to your spaceship Major!

    1. Ya' know I really appreciate that. :)
      Hips, shoulders and all!

  6. Great looking game! Great looking board, and great looking figs.
    And I swear the tournament set of GW players will be the death of the hobby. Not wanting to play on a none standard table my foot.

    1. Tournament players are the lifeblood of this hobby. Just ask them, they'll tell you. ;)

      over ...and over ...and over ...again

    2. They are one of those necessary evils we keep hearing about. ;)

  7. Well, I could argue that your boards have become (High Quality) standard!

  8. Just catching up on what I missed. Good batrep. Your conversions look great. I need to up my fluff game apparently. I've had a lot of nebulous ideas about Borborygmus Prime setting. Need to jot them down and then get in the games to get the narrative going. I like your starship deck artwork, do you talk about it in another post?


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