New Imperial Arrival in Sector Six: The "Idolon" - CL/Imperial Hull/20619

Oh, wait, that shot is too tight, let me pull back a little...

No no, I still can't see size and perspective...
 Better, but still...

side view w Hangar Deck and Navigator's Suite below...

Some close ups...

Navigator's Suite


Sick Bay

Sensors and Communication

Crew Berthing
Bridge, Front
Bridge, Above

Some "under construction" shots...

Initial concept drawing

The Idolon is the first ship I have built trying to specifically follow some 40k (although "Oldhammer") style and design. If you look at the "Thunderbolt Cruiser" from the Spacefleet line (first pic), her turrets are not in line, but almost scattered randomly across the hull. I've stylistically stayed true to that, and you can see from the construction shots, I have experimented with different loadouts. None of the gun turrets are attached so the model can represent other less important hulls when needed.

For background (if you follow my blog) all major Imperial Fleet combat units were recalled to Terra due to an obscure succession crisis about 2 years ago. Since then, only small Destroyers and Frigates have backed up Imperial interests in Sector Six (allowing all the other factions to pretty much run wild). The Idolon is a light cruiser (as per Spacefleet) of the Thunderbolt class, making her the lightest of light Capital Ships, but an Imperial Capital Ship none the less, with the mission of putting an end to the rampant petty squabbles plaguing the backwater of Sector Six. (Yep. she's in for a surprise. Maybe several.)

Historically, Light Cruisers had different specialties, and I decided the Idolon was going to be a "ship killer" along the lines of the USS Helena class from WWII. She's fast with heavy armament to take on larger ships, but the trade off is the complete lack of a strike wing of fighters and bombers.

I've already had her on the table as terrain for the Kill Team: Rogue Trader event at Goldmine Games, and I am looking forward to getting some space battles in...

I think you've all seen my build techniques before EXCEPT: the bridge was 3d printed by a friend of mine from an online design for Star Wars somewhere.

If you see something I haven't covered, just let me know.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow!


    Love that you matched to the fleet scale ship, so that you can get multiple game types with the same "story".

    In the first under construction shot, you have a different turret in place, what happened to that one?

    is the decking printed out and glued on?

    What other configurations do you have planned for when she is playing as other ships? With all that forward deck space, she could be an escort carrier, or you could go the other direction of WWII light cruiser and place every flak gun you have on that space...

    1. "In the first under construction shot, you have a different turret in place, what happened to that one? "

      Still around. It was another of the 3d prints my friend gave me. In the end, I liked the multiple turret layout, but don't worry. That config will get some use.

      "is the decking printed out and glued on?"

      Yes, it is a brilliant product from David Graffam models. He has a website and you can get his stuff through Wargames Vault as well. It is a multiple layer pdf called "Starport Tiles", from one tile you can add a million details. No 2 tiles are exactly alike.

      It's a good thing Mr. graffam doesn't charge by the print out...

      "With all that forward deck space, she could be an escort carrier, or you could go the other direction of WWII light cruiser and place every flak gun you have on that space..."

      or a big radar dish for deep space recon... Great minds think alike.

  2. :O :O :O
    Beyond my craziest expectations!!

    1. Thanks. Each build goes faster and faster as I learn.

      Also, this one is the lightest, as the frame is entirely foam

  3. Just one question Will , is there any room left in your house for beds ? :)
    Amazing work.

    1. I've convinced the wife that since the ships are mostly insulation foam, I can stuff them in the walls and lower the energy bill.


  4. He's at it again! Lovely inspiring work!

  5. I love your ship builds! But I think I'm with Frank - I'd never be able to find the space!

    1. That's puts you in agreement with my wife as well.


  6. You Glorious mad man you! That is a thing of beauty.

    1. Thanks. It was fun challenge attempting to scale up an old old metal model.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Jay. Saturday Night Space Opera has a ton of great eye candy. Thanks for looking over here.

  8. I love the opening shots, you're a fraggin legend, Major!

    1. Thanks, I've been sitting on that idea ever since I was looking at the small scale Thunderbolt and thought, "yep, this is the next big ship"

  9. It's glorious mate, truly is! But I can't help but giggle a little thinking that one of these days your gunna build a ship so big that you'll have to knock down a wall to get the fuckin thing out of the house :DDD

    No matter, I'd love to play a game on one of your big ships....pun intended :P


    1. Thanks P.
      So the Mary Shelley was designed to barely fit into my Honda Accord by lowering the back seat and sliding it in through the trunk. Although that part worked, the bigger constraint became playability. The metric that seems most important for the way I've been playing, is "can it fit, and rotate, at the short end of a 4'x6' table?"

      So the models are actually shrinking a little. But I'll probably be kicked out my house soon due to volume anyway.

      I'll enjoy them as an additional layer of shelter under the bridge where I'll soon be residing. ;)

  10. That is a thing of beauty! Can’t wait to see it up close. 😉

  11. That ship is amazing! I like the formatting of your blog. I need to make a Monolith feed in my reader to stay up to date. Your build is giving me ideas for my scrap foam sheet.

    1. Thanks Sean, my shipbuilding methods keep evolving.
      HD Foam is the greatest. It does everything and it's so strong and light.

  12. Nothing I say about your work on these ships ever seems adequate.



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