Trade War, Ep. 1, Budgets Must Be Met

Timtai Trading League Boardroom
New Cypress, Trading Quarter

Furvus Lepantio, Timtai League Primary
Gentlebeings, as you are aware, we have lost our main Opportunity near Graveskul. (Link: HERE) This has created an unacceptable dip in revenues and our factors have demanded action.

League Custodian
Primary, if I may, I have anticipated this crisis and moved proactively.  I have received information about a transaction between agents of our rival house,
  the “Volantes Tigris” ...

and the criminal enterprise, the Archuleta Brothers.

It seems that the Archuletas are providing an enormous amount of cash for a crate of Teleportium.
The transaction will be completed at a remote landing field in the Sachines. 

I have hired a mercenary company under Captain Kahbar and deployed them to intercept  

We will acquire both the merchandise and payment.

Sachines IV, Lavaca Landing Field

The Archuleta Brothers and Trader Mir Stilio of the Volantes Tigris Combine have met to conclude their business.  All that stands between Stilio and a record breaking profit in this system for Volantes Tigris is the end of this meeting.

At first glance, security for the exchange seems well deployed, but there is a lot of cover to the east and southwest of the landing field.

Captain Kahbar acting for the Timtai, deploys 2 teams in the cover to the east

and conceals himself with 2 gunmen in the trees to the southwest.

The final deployments look like this

They choose their moment, and Kahbar orders his men to the attack.

At the first volley, the Archuletas and their henchmen get hit hard and take wounds, but shockingly, no one goes down.

On the west, the Kahbar's men blast away at the sentries on the terminal building and quickly take the building in a rush

Captain Kahbar moves to the exchange,

and the infamous robot gunman Red Eyes, working for the Archulettas, steps out to get a clear shot at Kahbar

...and takes him down. This is the first good news for the Brothers.

Khabar's men set up on the roof, and get Red Eyes in a crossfire.

But Red Eyes stands firm, trading shots in both directions.

Mir Stilio orders his Voltanis bodyguards to assault the attackers to the southwest, and dives into his shuttle with the cash.

Meanwhile, among all the gunfire, Leaper (the Archuleta's teleporter) consumes enough Teleportium to get them clear. 

The Voltanis Tigris bodyguards slug it out with Kahbar's men while Stilio escapes.

Raul Archuletta calls out to the surviving team to gather for the bounce out

The air crackles and then...
...and they're gone.

...the Voltanis Tigris bodyguards were last seen still fighting as Mir Stilio flew away with his money.  (Gee, thanks Boss, so much for the company dental plan)
Hello Everyone,

I wanted to do a short campaign using Kill Team playing out a fight between two Trading Houses. Of course this will be dependent of my vision of what is a “Trading Houses” and the type of resources one would have available for a war.

I envision that even though these are huge and ancient stellar spanning entities, it’s all about profit, and thus while their freighters would have enough weaponry to protect themselves against opportunistic pirates, extensive armed forces are not available. The forces would be small low to mid quality security forces and then once the shooting started, these would be supplemented by whoever the Houses could quickly hire.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Well that was an action packed report man! Of course the Archuletta ducked out again...curses. Really nice seeing some of those Old Catachan and Tallarn guardsmen, and love that Rogue Ops gunslinger. I need to get that one.

    1. Thank man!
      I was inspired by looking back to the beginning of my blog and I had forgotten that one of my main ideas was to for the blog to be an excuse to put minis that sit in their boxes, like the friggin land of the misfit toys, back onto the table.
      Voila'... Catachans and Tallarn

  2. Great report! Who makes the Voltanis bodyguards? I need some companions for my Colony 87 guy too.

    1. They are from the Rogue Stars range, available from North Star minis.

      I like the Kill Team rules for gameplay. They are very fast moving and logical. I 'm not so happy with the Force Building and the special rules seem to pile up very quickly.

      I stick with the basic move and shoot, and the games stay very quick.

    2. Ahh, yes, I thought I'd seen them somewhere. You do a great job of integrating miniatures from all over the place.

    3. It's all about the toys man!


  3. Very fast paced action there ........ it's always about the profit .......)

    1. "Mmmmm.... profit!"
      - spoken by every Ferengi ever

      Thanks Don!

  4. Yep, low to mid level security and other deniable operator merc's for other jobs. Some good, some not so good. But cheaper then keeping them on the pay roll. Mangalore's from the Fifth element come to mind when your thinking of the disposable types.

    1. What a great idea!
      I could convert some Orks, but I wonder if anyone makes some "non-Mangalore" models.

    2. I have yet to see any Mangalores out there. So Orks it is!

    3. I've got some pretty mad google fu skillz, but the only references I could find were that GZG supposedly has 3 poses in 15mm (I didn't look, not interested in 15mm) and a company called "Ursa Major" that was going to release a dozen sculpts around 2011, but nothing seems to have come of it.

      Orksees it is!

  5. What a fun report! Always nice to see your toys out.

    And Not-Mangalores would be interesting indeed...

    1. Thanks Lasgunpacker,
      See my failure to source Mangalores above... ;)

  6. Such a cool report! I love your narrative and the way you work these things out

    1. Thanks Suber,
      See my reply below about the narrative aspect of my blog. (Typing it twice seemed a waste of electrons)

  7. Great stouch there Major. I like your tall trees too. They really do a good job of replicating a pretend forest on your tabletop.

    Trying out new rule sets hey? Always good to have a go at them, even if you find out you don't like them in their entirety it's still worthwhile. Gives you ideas for how to improve/make your own rule set.

    I like seeing your campaigns develop. Your a great storyteller.

    Cheers :)

    1. Hi Papafakis,
      Taking your topics in order,

      1. Yes, those tree stands were built in direct response to the 40k rule change that area terrain no longer blocked line of sight. If a few trees on a piece of felt weren't going to cut it, well I figured I would make a woods template that left no doubt.

      2. GW has put out 3 40k skirmish sets in a 12 month period. It's a little annoying, BUT... Kill team resolves my biggest beef with the general 40k rules of allowing 2 moves for units that charge (Move, then 2d6 charge). Kill team makes the player choose to move OR choose to charge. That alone makes it a winner. Pile on the idea that stationary units fire first, and I'm hooked.

      3. As far as my campaigns and narrative, I seem to have suddenly turned a corner.
      When I started the blog, I had a few locations, factions , and characters in mind, but every new element was just created on the spot.
      About 9 months ago I cataloged everything I had created in a database, and I have a large enough pool of items that I can really start relating them to each other rather than just adding.
      For instance, the "Timtai Trading League" was created at the beginning and the Sachines were first mentioned in Sep 2013.

      I'm looking forward to really making this part coherent and "real" , if tha makes any sense.

    2. But but but.... adding more stuff is so much fun...

  8. Well that was a blast Will & very enjoyable your attention to detail as always was top notch & your story telling always draws the readers in :)

    I see your using Killteam rules & wisely leaving out all the blot, tell me please were you playing solo ? & if so how do you think the game works that way ?

    1. Hi Frank,
      I didn't play it solo, it was a game from my FLGS and then re-photographed at home.
      However, I have done some run throughs of Kill Team solo, and because of all the Orders, Stratagems, Specialists, Move "Status" , you really really have to strip it down to play it that way.
      Keep it to the turn order and combat order (who shoots first, second...) and it should work pretty well.

  9. Hmm, did I delete my comment? Great report!

    1. Hi Sean,
      Blogspot did make me approve your comment, but there are no other comments hanging in my queue.

      but, you're here now!


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