Blackstone Fortress II, Blacker and Stonier

Hello Readers,
Following on the previous post, here are the heroes of Blackstone Fortress, fully painted (in no particular order). Oh, and I'm not going to bother with the names, they really are awesomely WYSIWYG.

The Ratling Bothers
I painted them in traditional military drabs, with a Flesh Wash.

The Bishop
Not sure if I like my color palette on this guy. I tried to get away from the typical black and red, but this makes him look a little too much like a superfan for the Miami Dolphins. Also, he has a really nifty little skull floaty bolter on his right that my paint job fails to highlight.

The Navigator
Oooooooh. My favorite mini of the bunch. Well within my skill level to make look good, and I see him as a recurring character in Sector Six

The Kroot Hunter
With the ability to leave exploding booby traps before the round even begins, what's not to like? The bright orange matches the rest of my cannibal mercenaries (which, in short order, this guy will be leading in Kill Team)

Mr, Rogue Trader Himself
Nice model, I love the reptile stole across his shoulders.
(Smoking is bad for your health kids, don't be like Mr. Trader :) )

The Walking Tank
Meh. GW do a whole lot of characterful robots. This guy just doesn't do it for me.

Ms. Eldar Sniper
This miniature pisses me off. She has the potential to be my favorite of all, BUT...

...the very first time I pulled her gently out of the case, THE FRIGGIN RIFLE BROKE!
Same thing happened to my buddy who owns the game store TWICE (after she broke the first time, he opened a 2nd box to have a complete nicely painted set for display, and SNAP)

It is too fine to mend, and I am at a loss on how to make this not look broken.

Ms. Bald Hot Flasher
I know Flamers are great weapons in the GW universe, but I never really liked them aesthetically. This time though, I'm pretty happy with the job I did both on the weapon and the vent on her back.

"GO 'FINS!!!"

(The funny part is that I have total apathy about the Dolphins. I only know that the Bills are their rivals because I just looked it up. Maybe I should have painted them in Back and Gold)

I like the set, and I've enjoyed the playthroughs I've done so far. Now just to find 3 or 4 other folks to do a full on game with!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I like them! Haha, now I'm biased about the bishop, but I agree about the navigator, I love the mini and your work on that one particularly. Looking forward to seeing your narratives with these!

    1. I cannot decide what to do about the Navigator, is he a navigator? or is he some sort od Psyker? Both... choices choices..

  2. Oh man these are looking good! Hoping to see them at our next outing.

    1. I'm thinking the same thing. Can't wait to run something

  3. Very nice work! I'm looking at the Blackstone Fortress II myself...tempting.

    1. I'm new to the GW "dungeon Crawl" thing. So with no preconceptions, I am very impressed.
      Except for the Eldar hunter...

  4. You are going to convince me to buy Newhammer. I'm fighting hard against it, but man, you are trying. Lovely stuff! I particularly like the navigator, kroot, rogue trader, and . . . wait for it . . . the robot. There's a neat old sci-fi vibe to that bot that GW hasn't done in a long long time. He looks like he could have stepped out of Black Hole or Buck Rodgers. If you force me to buy a copy and I can get the eldar sniper out in one piece I'll trade her to you. (As that miniature absolutely doesn't do it for me. Would chop off nearly all her kit and start over anyway.) No promises. Big if. But if . . . Anyway, all told, you're right. This game actually looks really cool. Well done sir!

    1. If you can get the eldar hunter out without snapping that stupid rifle, you are a better man than I.

      Yeah, I realize that the robot has an appeal, can't deny it. Just doesn't work for me.

      The set as a whole is amazing, I agree. Makes me wish I was a better painter.

    2. It sounds like a tremendous "if," I confess. Probably won't ever happen, so don't hold your breath. But "if" . . . I'll send it your way.

  5. Argh, these posts are making it harder to turn my nose up at these figures. I like the Bishop a lot, but have to agree that the teal robe seems a little off. Maybe a little more edge highlighting on the robo gun will help keep it from getting lost. Just some thoughts. You could just be like me and never go back to a figure once it is done.

    1. I 'm with you, "Never go back", but in this case, edging on the bolter is warranted!


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