The best way to hit a business is...

Voltanis Tigris Trading, Sector HQ

Trader Silio is aware of the threat to his main treasury vault. He hires the notorious gunslinger "Redd Eyes" to beef his security.

Hannibal's wounds were not as severe as feared (see last episode Link:HERE), and the Harriers are ready to take a crack at the Vault.

The Battle
The Harriers infiltrate the Voltanis Tigris compound and make it to the building containing the main Vault.
Redd Eyes and Voltanis Security enter from the opposite corner.  The Harriers must control the vault and keep security out to allow their Telebrainian to telekentically move the chests of money and ex filtrate the compound.

The Harriers rush the lower Vault door...
Sgt Rhinoski forces the lower door open, and is charged by the Voltanis.
He goes down but there's a quick follow up.

Redd Eyes steps into the Vault and readies himself to shoot down the intruders, but before Redd Eyes can get a single shot through the melee, the Telebrainian shorts him out. He falls back out of the fight.

The Kroot sent up the flank crash into more security. Flesh wounds all over but no one goes down.
Meanwhile, back at the lower Vault door, Hannibal is just about took break through.

Because of the flanking force, the remaining Voltanis Security had to stations themselves at the upper door to protect from both approaches...

...which allowed Hannibal and Raus to push through and take control of the vault.
..then the Telebrainian floated the money away.

The Voltanis Tigris will not simply stand by and let this go without reprisal...


Hi Readers,
Great little Arena game. I love them. 4 turns, everybody better be moving, and very decisive results.

Thanks for looking, and, as always, comments welcome!


  1. Nice as usual, I get the impression of quite a quick pace game, many things happening each turn. Cool.

    1. It is very fast paced. Arena off loads a few things and scenarios tend to run 4 Turns, period. Add the fact that VP's are earned each turn, you better be running to establish firelanes and get to the best positions.

  2. Glad to hear Hanni the bald pulled through and harried the creds right out of the safe. These high flying tigers sound like serious business, though. Something tells me Hannibal hasn't seen the last of them. I won't say as the Timtai impress me as the most upstanding citizens, but the Tigris clearly have some unsavory associations that push me to the other side. And Hannibal has panache, and my kind of team. Anyway . . . looking forward to the next episode. As always. Well written sir!

    1. Thanks Composer!
      The next episode will be the Voltanis striking back.
      No way they sit still for this...

  3. Arena that's the latest Killteam game if I'm not mistaken Will ? I've had a look at the killteam rules & have to say I liked the look of them, feels like what 40K use to be before all the blot.

    Action packed AAR Will with your usual very high standard of models & terrain, what's not to like ? :)

  4. KT by itself is very fun. I would caution not to get to bogged down in all the "grit" and extra rules added by factions, expansions, Kill Zones etc... there's a lot of it and it piles up very quickly.

    I keep saying, that although GW may have marketed "Arena" as a a "Tournament" expansion, what it really does is tighten the scenarios up, which is a great thing regardless of anyone's style of play.

  5. Does Arena need the KT book, or is it more standalone? Given the current lack of a starter for KT, I guess I was hoping that tighter rules and scenery would come with their own rulebook, but I suspect not.

    I came back to read this for a second time, and thought that perhaps it would be interesting to do a post/webpage about the dramatis personae of the KC and the sector. Aside from being useful to readers, it may be fun for you to get out all the characters and place them in some scenery for photos.

    1. Arena id an expansion to KT, so yes, you need the KT book.

      I do keep an excel file of all the people, places, and military units/ships/ stuff. I think you are right about updating the tab on the page to more recent characters. Especially to help the readers!


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