No Excuses...

Hi All,
Yes, I have been absent from my blog for quite some time, and I have been very busy gaming, and planning to game, and preparing to game... and so on...
So, I have no excuse for not posting! Terrible!

In brief, here is what I have been up to...
(some of these items will be explained in more detail later in their own blog post)

Setting a World Record!
Mike (lifetime friend and owner of Goldmine Games) and I organized about 50 people to plan, build, and play "The Longest Game". We managed the game in shifts, and had independently observed uninterrupted play (all done to Guinness Book of World Records standards) for the entire time. There was uninterrupted combat for 60 straight hours. (...and raised about $250 for Autism Research)

I received approval from the Guinness Book of World Records to establish that the "Longest Miniature Wargame" is a legitimate record, and the next step is to submit evidence of our actual attempt (with a truck ton of supporting documentation) and see if Guinness accepts it.

Having said that, whatever Guinness decides,WE HOLD THE RECORD. There is video from 2 different angels, time stamped for all 60 hours and signed statements from a team of 18 independent observers backing the claim. It was a glorious time.

While Traveling for Business, I took a side trip to Hastings, and then Battle, UK the site of "The Battle of Hastings"

...when you fight for the right to be King, this is second place...

...and I visited Warhammer World....

 and saw the impressive dioramas, both classic and new

(This is the "Book of Grudges" in Bugman's Bar. It's pretty clear I need one of these.)

I went to "Monolith Con" for the second year in a row!

 Photo de act'ion!
Graveskul is NEVER dull

 "That's no moon..."

Getting the Band back together! (Last time time was 2014!)
There are no words for how awesome it was to meet Paul/Cheetor in person.

"Forget that comes Mongo!"

First time playing Space Hulk... to steal a quote, "Everyone starts hyperventilating from about halfway through until the end!"

Sun coming up on my drive back to the airport. Sad to go, but home was calling.

The staff here in Sector Six will now resume regular updates...
Thanks for your patience, and thanks for looking!


  1. Looks a great trip. 60 hours? Wow. Was that in one shot or spread over several days?

    1. The record was all in one go.

      Now, no single person stayed up for 60 hours, we just made sure that one gaming shift flowed into the next, so there were missions continuously running. For example, we had people coming in a t 2am to 6am and the next shift coming in at 5am to 9am and so on.
      Interestingly, the longer we went, the more people were signing up for shifts. Once our friends had a stake in something "real", which kind of flipped on about 30 hours in, our shifts and tables were full.

      We only stopped because we ran out of Observers.

  2. First of all, I am truly impressed by the record. Congratulations! I hope the Guinness guys give you proper credit!
    Some sweet pics there, and glad of having you back! :)

    1. It's weird, the Guinness stuff is very precise and alot of paperwork. ...and it's great to be back.

  3. Lots of good stuff there. Monolithcon sounds like a blast. Very cool to see yours and Cheetor's stuff together again. Can't wait to hear about that game.

  4. Glad to have you over again! It’s always a fun weekend.

    1. It was a spectacular weekend. Truly a legendary time.

  5. And here i was thinking, i haven't seen any new post in a while. Nice to see that, you are alive and kicking.

  6. Looks like you have been busy! Longest game, Monolith con, Hastings, and Warhammer world... hopefully you post all about those things soon!

    And do I recall that you were thinking about a laser cutter too?

    1. Yes sir
      I will be posting about Monolith Con over the holidays.
      Capable laser cutters still cannot compete w the price of a membership at the Maker barn, BUT 3d printers have come down so much, I bought one of those.
      Wow, there is a lot to tell!


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