Painting Over the Holidays

 Hello Everyone,

It seems like every time I get a very rare week or so of vacation, I hit the painting table hard. Here are some things I completed over the holidays. This is just the infantry and doesn't include a truckton of Spaceships that I'll cover in the next post along with future plans.

Some Naval Crew From GW

These are from the Rogue Trader expansion to Kill Team. I like the figures, but I have to say they have more detail than I prefer. They took forever to complete. They will be useful in Sector Six posts, and there are 2 poses that are neutral enough to act as bodyguards for VIP's in future episodes.

49 Vor Union Infantry

I've owned these figures since sometime in the late 90's, and they have sadly remained entombed (except for a couple of false starts) at the bottom of the leadpile all this time. 

For whatever reason I got the bug to paint some generic sci fi infantry, so I pulled them out and painted every single one in a few power sessions. Even the 4 extraneous Machine Gunners. I don't think I've ever done that before, because in the past, figures that don't fit a TOE have remained unpainted, and eternally in the leadpile. Now I feel like I should buy a few more (they are available) to round out a heavy weapons squad with those Machine Gunners.

I see these guys being used on any given side of a Sector Six episode as needed. 

20 Frostgrave Gnolls

Not Sector Six related, but I have started a new campaign of Rangers of Shadow Deep with a couple of new gaming buddies, and the campaign requires some of these baddies. 

I'd like to share that there's a sentimental component to painting these figures. Way back in the 80's with my friends who first introduced me to D&D, our DM, oddly, had about 2 dozen Gnolls as his generic bad guys (instead of Orcs like in all the magazines and sourcebooks). We fought those bastards off and on for the next 5 years until we all left for college. 

I know these are new (and much more detailed) Gnolls, but I have to say, I'm looking forward to laying waste to my old nemeses again after all this time. :)

Next post I'll share my new spaceships and some thoughts and plans for my next Sector Six Campaign

Thanks for reading!


  1. Dude they all look great! I bet you could proxy those gnolls into a warcry warband too. ;)

    1. Thanks
      I hadn't thought of the Warcry angle, but yes, since they are differentiated between Warriors, Archers, Sergeants, and a Mage already, that would be an easy fit.

  2. Looking great! How splendid to have a week off, and further to be able to paint during it.

    I remember the Vor guys as being "too tall" for use with GW miniatures. Given the 20 years of scale creep, is that still the case?

    and more spaceships is always exciting!

    1. I had a whole week off about 2 years and I think outside of time with family, I think I spent the whole time on a porch outside the house we were staying just painting.

      The Vor guys aren't taller, but they are chunkier. I venture to say "the chunkiest" of any minis of humans I've ever seen. Nice heavy Lead, but they always looked ok next to the old GW metal Cadians.

      I just looked back at my spaceship count. Crazy.

  3. I love the aside about the gnolls :)

    I have no attachment to gnolls, I don't think that I even knew what they were until recently. For my RoSD games I decided to work on skaven to proxy as gnolls, for the inverse of the same reasons you have Maj. G. Beastmen would have been at least as good a fit, but I wanted to paint some ninja. The heart wants what the heart wants!

    I expect that the Frostgrave gnolls would map onto a Warcry warband of beastmen pretty well, and look pretty stylish while doing it.

    I love the style of the VOR figs, the entire post is full of quality stuff.

    Happy new year!

    1. Hi Cheetor,
      Here's another little factoid:
      I never looked up what a Gnoll actually was until RoSD. Humanized Hyena? Never knew that. So, I imagine since Skaven are Humanized Rats they would be a perfect proxy.

      Beastmen, yep, that's what I was thinking.

      Yeah the chunky Vor are great. I like them more than I thought I would.

  4. Wow. You've been busy! I find the Vor guys interesting, and I really like your take on the Gnolls. I have a few on heis sprues, might have to do something about them...

    1. The Gnolls really growing on me. I needed them for RoSD but now I'm seeing them in their own right, if that makes any sense.

  5. Your a machine! Lots of quality paint jobs on those mins.

    1. Thanks...
      What can I say, The "Mood" struck, and I was off to the races.

      I know, I saw what I did there. I'll show myself out. :)

    2. Ha, no worries I get that all the time. My wife on the other hand is still trying to get used to it.

  6. That's some hefty output! I particularly like the look of the VOR infantry.

    1. Those Vor just flew with contrat paints and a wash.


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