Going On the Offensive

My second battle using the Star Navy rules.  This time, I used points to match the sides (Imperials 72 vs. KC 50) then rolled detection for setting up and first turn.  The Mining Colony is from the old Micro Machines Star Wars collection.  The Imperial BB is from the WOC Star Wars game, the Imperial CA is the Sulaco from the Micro Machines Aliens set, and the Kingdom Ships are Ravenstar Cold Navy Diesho Confederation line.

Imperial OB
BB Rep5 Relentless
CA Rep4 Dorn

CA Reps 4,4,3,3,3
DD Reps 5,4
The Imperial Navy is outraged by the arrogance of the Kingdom of Colores.  Daring to fire on an Imperial ship is an act that simply demands retaliation. The fact that the ship in question knowingly violated Colores space is irrelevant. Imperial superiority is not to be challenged.  Out here, Uppity third rate nations or colonies that have somehow managed to offend the mighty Imperium beg for lenient terms, a blood price is paid and the Sector returns to normal.  It is simply the way things are done, and the Kingdom of Colores needs a stern reminder. 

The Imperial Navy has diverted a squadron patrolling nearby to seize a mining station and hold it until reparations are paid. Luckily for the miners, the station offered no resistance.
 The BB Relentless and CA Dorn holding station over the orbital mining colony.
The Royals jump in close with 5 Heavy Cruisers and two Missile Destroyers.  However, the Imperials have a large technological and quality advantage, they are unconcerned and smoothly transition to battle stations.
The KC ships get off the first volley.  The DD missiles strike home, and the Imperial Cruiser's shields are downed.  The Royal CA's guns blast through, and after a bridge hit and damage to the life support systems, the Dorn unexpectedly jumps out before even firing a shot.
The Relentless makes some speed and lashes back at her attackers.  In the ensuing fight, one DD is destroyed outright, the other leaves the fight after taking several hits. Additionally, a Cruiser takes massive damage but stays in combat.
The Relentless crew lives up to the name and continues fighting until the BB almost disintegrates.  She jumps out at the last second. The next incoming volley would have destroyed her.

There are still Imperial troops on the mining colony, and they have refused to surrender.  They have the miners and the installation as a shield, plus it is certain that the Imperium will send a relief force once higher command is aware of this disaster.

For the Kingdom of Colores this was not the near bloodless victory of the first encounter.  Losses are keenly felt by the new space force.  The only hope is to keep the forward momentum and then sue for peace on KC terms.

If only they could lay their hands on a larger ship to add to the firepower of the fleet.  Anyone know where a BB could be had?


  1. Nova Liberia might be willing to sign a mutual aid treaty, provided the Kingdom of Colores granted some trade concessions and mining rights.

    P.S. Thanks for the batrep!

  2. It's a bad neighborhood. What's a few million tons of fusion metals between friends?

    I need to find my real camera!


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