at Home and On Campaign

at Home and On Campaign

21 February 2013

Retaking The Mine

Continued from last post...

Unfortunately for Imperial Commander Brushkin, the Kingdom of Colores is not bluffing, and the assault transports bore in.  The Imperial troops belatedly open fire and one of the transports explodes.

The assault is under way...
But wait, those aren't KC troops!??!

Now it all comes together, the Governor General has pulled off a huge diplomatic success.  He secretly concluded a treaty with the Tim-Tai Trading League to end the conflict on New Cypress.  The treaty provided the KC use of mercenaries in the League's service for this operation. Alliances and deals are always temporary out here in Sector Six!

But back to this action packed episode...
The Imperial garrison is made up of several disparate units...

Lord Walishire and his personal retinue
A Naval Landing Party
A small detachment of Space Marines, and a company of regular Imperial Army troops with exo-atmosphere training and equipment.

The League mercenaries storm onto the asteroid...
The action is close and casualties are heavy.  Lord Walishire and the Mercenary Commander square off in close combat.
But in the end the Imperials cannot hold and the rescue force breaks through
"Commander Brushkin, in the name of the Kingdom of Colores, I reclaim this facility. Your sidearm please."

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