The Kingdom's Arms Dealers Have Been Busy...

The Kingdom of Colores has completed the contract sale of a composite Air Wing of obsolete Imperial designs to the planet of Rilti.  These units have a long illustrious service history (documented at this LINK ) and the contract included an overhaul and avionics upgrade to keep them in service for the forseeable future.

They will be missed.

However, the motivation for the sale was to maintain Colores policy of continuous technological development. Sector Six is far too dangerous and Colores far too backward.  The War Department has used the funds to purchase SkinSuit technology from the Gis. The "Skins" are an essential component of a new unit, the 8th Special Actions Team (or "8 Ball").
8 Ball will be tasked with running down any and all information to locate the hidden enclaves of the 4th Reich and destroy them.
So this time I'm putting the "real world" info at the end.  Stop here if you want to stay in the world of Sector Six....
Years ago, I scratchbuilt 4 GW Thunderbolts and 2 GW Marauder Destroyers.  2 of the Thunderbolts immediately went to my gaming buddy, John King (Godspeed John, we all miss you).  Using our air force, we fought an unholy number of Apocalypse Battles (many of them before there were "Apocalypse" battles) some of which are documented at the link above. Those planes shot down, blew up, napalmed, and obliterated more of the enemy than the War Gods can count.  These days, I continue to build and purchase more futuristic models, and they will be replaced by my own designs.  So I sold the remaining venerable warbirds to another buddy, Wayne who is in the middle of an Apocalypse campaign and in need of some air support.

 For the short term, I just purchased "Pulp Alley", and the Minions from Crossover Miniatures seemed to be just the thing for a high tech Special Forces Unit.



  1. cool stuff. let us hope those suits are worth the loss of those planes.

  2. Funny, the friend who purchased the planes has already used them. So far the score...
    Planes: A lot
    New Figs: 0



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