Johnny Comes Marching Home

After the victory at Haussen (Link), Central City on St. Marie hosts a parade for the returning troops.

Tanks of the 23rd Cav

The fearsome Gis
Ceremonial units escort the most decorated heroes:
Lt. Demetrius Philo, winner of the Legion of Bravery, the highest award given by the Kingdom of Colores, escorted by the the Princess' Own Guard

What a joyous day!
I would like to welcome the newest Scholars of Political Affairs in Sector Six:
Michael Campbell


  1. I'm just happy to be here! You have some really impressive stuff!

  2. Thanks, I've had a while to accumulate things!

  3. I really like your blog. Wonderfully painted minis and very impressive layouts, great posts, great pics, thanks for a very entertaining blog!

  4. very interesting. I have just caught up with events and it is all very interesting. this commentary is great? I wonder though it that portal still up as surely we need a news crew over there to report events. much more interesting than the news we get here.

    Now to enter the character of Hugo Cortez Chavez Castro Oronegro's minister for diplomacy and (arms)trade with non-existent, alien and imagi-nations.

    I wonder has anyone come from sector six over to earth? I mean aliens, naturally I am sure that many scientists have gone back and fourth. certainly it would account for some UFO sightings.

    the politics is interesting. people wanting weapons if it was not for Oronegro's inability to trade we'd be over there right now. infact I would not be writing this message. I would be writing down the orders I was getting in... though I imagine our earth tech would be useless on the most part but I guess a sharp bit of metal moving at a high velocity will still kill if no protection comes between it and it's target.

    anyway guess that Oronegro will have to watch from behind it's portal separating it from the real world that is separated by another portal from sector six.

    oh and well done Colores! earth wishes you all the best. be our voice of reason in a region where the only other earthling presence is that of a people withought any sence of morality.

    exist character.
    (incidentally many NAZI's were let into Oronegro after WW2 where they continued to do some very secretive, dangerous and unholy scientific experiments, just part of my historical background for the nation)

    I am really enjoying this story from sector six.

  5. Thanks Lord of Ex! I DO enjoy writing it.

    Hi GJD,
    The short answer is yes, there is traffic back and forth from Earth to Sector Six through the wormhole, but it is heavily regulated. An Ambassadorial visit would certainly be in the cards and a storyline could be developed if you were interested

    1. that does sound interesting. Oronegro is always interested in establishing positive relationships with other states (in fact there are very few with bad relationships).

      Also have you read Izzac Asimov's foundation series? I was reminded of it. currently I am re-reading prelude to foundation, but I have not read all of them.


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