Secret War V: The Floating Cities of Toolenay

Chasing the many threads of a wide Nazi conspiracy, the Colores agents have split into 2 action teams. One team, led by Agent Sophie has traveled to Krellborn IX.  They have made contact with an allied Imperial agent, Inquisitor Verhoeven. Reports have started to come in, and here a a link to the action so far:

The second action team, aboard the KCS Helena, reaches a parking orbit above Toolenay and through the connection to the planetary data net begins collecting information for the investigation.  As the relevant facts filter in, 8 Ball Command and Sulla Tigh narrow their focus to a small research lab that has made a mysterious and sudden leap in capability with gravity based propulsion technologies.
Waiting until nightfall, a small team consisting of Maj Guiscard, Sub-Ambassador Tigh and Specialist Bont will attempt to infiltrate the lab and determine if there is a trail back to the alien that attacked the party on Eden Station LINK. Also, they will look for evidence of a conspiracy involving Imperial Agents in the employ of Countess Quintilla.
The Helena has intercepted communications indicating that the known Reich’s Agent Baroness Niehoff (and underlings) are monitoring the area, and may try to interfere.
The Plot Points
Try and make contact with the Lead Scientist, Dr. Woiller
The bodyguard will have to be dealt with and is considered an “Extreme Peril”
Access the lab’s datanet through either one of the consoles and retrieve data to be examined later.
Lastly, it is possible to pull experimental data from the labs telemetry sensors. (This would be less valuable than information from the datanet, but useful all the same)

Special Rules
To move between each of the floating islands, the locals use a system of magnetically controlled PeopleMover pods. If Characters move to a PeopleMover Station, their pod can be placed at any other station to finish their move.
Local Law Enforcement is represented by Patrolman “Jones”. He is a “Follower” level character and moved in a random direction and distance every turn. If he comes within 3” of a character, he will test as a peril against a character’s Cunning (Hi Stranger, what brings you here tonight?). If the Character fails the test, Patrolman “Jones” and the Character will enter into a brawl as he attempts to arrest the Character.
The Datanet cyberspace map will appear once a Character has moved to a console.  This is based (read: COMPLETELY STOLEN) from Maelblogia’s ingenious invention for cyberpunk action in Pulp Alley, LINK: Cool Cyberspace Idea.
AAR to Follow!


  1. Hi!

    Amazing scenery there! The floating islands look great with the little bit of theatre of the clouds having been added! Can't wait to see the report!

    All the best!

  2. I find it hard to express how much I like that scenery set. I am going to have to copy it in some fashion at some stage.

    Im looking forward to the report. Ambassador Sophie and her loyal companions search for the missing Inq. Verhoeven, but get a lot more thna the bargained for in this post on my blog:

  3. Thanks guys. The clouds are cheap poly pillow stuffing. You can get a bag big enough for everything you would need for less than $10.

    Great rep cheetor, this will all tie nicely together.

  4. wow I just caught up with the last few months of plotline. amazing. Awesome work and it is interesting to see where this is all going. Certainly when I started reading earlier today I had no clue it would end up here.

  5. Thanks GJD
    Your timing is perfect, there have been way too many obstacles this summer from my "real life" and the pace of the blog has suffered. You have returned just as I am getting back on track.
    "Toolenay" has been a great terrain set to build, and I haven't yet revealed my favorite parts.

    1. oh the best is yet to come? I wait with anticipation.


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