The Molling Incident, Episode IV: Battlesuits!

Continuing from our last episode, Major Guiscard, 2 members of 8 Ball Command, and their new Honschu  allies successfully raided a Nazi communications array.  During the raid, 8 Ball was able to send a message with intelligence about the 4th Reich’s planetary installations. Also in the message was a request for resupply and reinforcements to better arm the Honschu and bring all of 8 Ball Command into the fight.

We pick up the action in the conference room of the Governor General’s mansion at Travis Point, the capital of the Kingdom of Colores on New Cypress. The Governor General and his Staff are discussing the message from Major Guiscard on Molling.

Governor-General Jehu Andres
“In his assessment, Major Guiscard has included an additional request for some Heavy Armor, but since our first re-supply is going to be a fast pass, “dump and run”, we can’t drop tanks like that.  What are our options?”

Staff Officer Woodley, Logistics Department / Procurement Division
“Sir, I think I have found a very suitable solution,” said with a grin.

“Merril’s Marauders. They are a mercenary company equipped with heavily armored battle suits.
The suits can navigate the jungle terrain, and are armed with a high velocity cannon. 

“The Marauders augment their suits with advanced remotes to increase situational awareness and close-combat firepower.”
“Best of all, the suits are well within the tonnage parameters of our fast drop deployment plan.”

“Outstanding! When are they available?”

“They are on New Cypress right now. They just completed a contract with the Timtai Trading League and can be embarked immediately.”

put them on the KCS Antilles with Lt. Philo and the rest of 8 Ball Command.”

“Great work, Woodley! Guiscard needs help, get them outbound… Today.”

“Smithers, more Whiskey!”


Welcome Dr. Mathias and cerealkiller195, the newest Sector Six Historical Scholars!

The Suits are Mongoose “Holocaust Judge 2” HS2, from Mongoose’s Judge Dredd line. The “Remotes” are from Bombshell Mini’s “Counterblast” line.

The Remotes were shipped 24 hours after they were ordered, and arrived in a timely manner without incident. Bombshell was great.

However, the acquisition of the 3 suits led the KC Office of Armaments Procurement on an absurd odyssey of supercraptafragalistic customer service.

No names for the sinners, but the first supplier, after a month of mistakes, and another month of emailing back and forth, never shipped the suits (or anything else) and eventually refunded the purchase money BUT KEPT the shipping charge.

The next vendor waited 3 weeks before shipping the order.

Now, Rebel Minis is offering the same sculpt (minus the spiffy arm cannon) for less than half the price. The Office of AP has been firmly instructed by the Governess, that from now on, we can build our own damn arm cannons.

Not many Colores citizens wonder why the Governor-General drinks so heavily….


  1. We have Titan fall!
    Sorry the figs took forever to get to you, was about to suggest Rebel minis but you have already discovered them.
    Looking forward to seeing more of this.

  2. Great paint! Can't wait to see them in action.

  3. Love the min's mate dare I say they where worth the wait ? & a nice lead up to what I'm sure will be another great AAR which I look forward to.


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