The Molling Incident, Episode V: Special Delivery

Just a short update today,
Continuing from our last installment, the Governor General has dispatched a fast convoy with essential resupply and reinforcement for Maj Guiscard on Molling. We pick up the action as the Light Cruiser "Passereaux", loaded to the max with troops and equipment cased in drop pods, jumps into the Molling system.

Cpt. Brown
No contacts so far. Proceeding to the close pass of the planet...
...and pods away!

...good luck and good hunting Major Guiscard!

Maj Guiscard
Thanks for the groceries Captain. My regards to the Gov-Gen, and we look forward to your return with the main fleet.
Maj Guiscard
Alright, everybody get moving.  That drop has a wide dispersal pattern and our crap is all over this jungle.  The Reich troops have certainly seen it too.  Get out there, get everything and everybody back to the rally point ASAP.

To be continued...


  1. I love these little in between game reports Will it helps tie the thing together nicely.

  2. Ah! I see another episode coming. Excellent!

  3. Thanks guys,
    Frank, I wish I could say it's original, but I stole the idea wholesale from
    The Kingdom of Wittenburg. His most recent campaign started with little episodes of a young officer leaving home and reporting to his regiment. He always does stuff like that. I know other blogs use it too, but it was his execution that really paved the way for me.



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