Rise of Tyranny Campaign: Week 5 and 6

Imperial Intelligence Briefing
Eleteema Starport
33rd Inf HQ

General Onarisco
First I would like to congratulate the Spacewolves under Cmdr Miller for pushing the Reich off of Eleteema and bringing some success that we can build on.

Our general offensive has pushed to Xochoi, but unfortunately the gains have been offset by the loss of Telebrainia. Our beloved Obsidian Knights have been pushed off planet.  It is rumored that Captain Collier has been wounded. We await further developments.
(Pictures of the action below)

Additionally, we have late word that the Reich has recaptured the Starport on Xochoi, so our forces there are isolated and cannot be resupplied.

We have reports that the Grey Knights under Grand Master Perdon have inflicted a defeat on the our fearsome enemy known as Murderfang. Although that news is heartening, no word yet on his search on whether the rumors that the Reich has fielded Titans are true.

Forward Supply Point, Reich’s 1st Titan Army (formerly, 34th Imperial Titan Legion)
Taxation Distrcit 3, Telebrainia
Reich’s Kommander Schaklow
I would like to recognize Chaos Space Marine Commander Lindsey on his defeat of the Obsidian Knights and the retaking of the Xoxhoi Starport. His victory will free up many troops for the front.

However, we are stalled.  After so much early success, we have now traded this same ground with the Imperials four times.

Oberst Neumann
But Sir, we have destroyed so many of their forces and our new Titans have been upstoppable…

Reich’s Kommander Schaklow
Then why are we fighting back here, instead of the leading edge of our offensive?
We have been too cautious, and secretive. We have been too clever and outsmarted ourselves.

Tomorrow, we will no longer “husband our resources”. Tomorrow that is cowardice.  In the morning, we move the Titan Army to the front and we show the Imperial dogs that nothing but DEATH awaits the enemies of the Reich!

Dun Dun DUN!!!
Apologies for the delay in this post.  Real life decided to rear it's ugly head.  The good news is that the battles are being fought and I really appreciate the enthusiasm of all the players and marvel at all of the games played. Thanks so much!

The two Titans are scratchbuilt (of course), from a whole bunch of disparate parts. I don't have much documentation (pictures) of their construction, but if you have specific questions, I'm more than happy to share anything about what you want to know.


Thanks again for looking


  1. The big reveal! Those Titans look fantastic: very clever work to put them together from scratch.

    1. Thanks Preacher,
      They are wayyyy behind schedule, but I will devote a whole post to the design and some particulars after the Campaign is over.

  2. Awesome job, hopefully this weekend the Obsidian Knights will get revenge.

    1. Go Obsidian Knights!
      What name do you want me to use for your Commander (I will retro the name in to this report as well).
      Thanks TJ

  3. Nice report Will I like the titan's, I've a 40K game arranged for Saturday so Otto Fulkner will be given his all for the Reich

    1. Thanks Frank, it will be great to finish strong with all the different (real life) locations playing it out.


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