Draw LOS through THAT, dammit!

If you play 40k (and unfortunately I do), long gone are the days when a simple flocked template and a few trees from a model railroad manufacturer would block LOS.
… a long time ago I used to get paid to interpret / manage /deal with GW’s ridiculousness…

I’ve been free of those people for well over a decade, so… (to quote my 13 year old) …


On the other hand, I like a challenge, and my woods templates needed some love.  I accepted the constraints that the new templates would have to be literal and actually block true LOS.  I was also motivated by observing that model railroad trees are not perfect and have their own scaling issues.  The trunks are too narrow, and although they are taller than infantry and vehicles, they really are almost never tall enough.

So here is my solution…

The trunks are of 2 kinds, some are wooden dowels,  1” in diameter (I used my dremel  router to carve irregular “bark” textures), and some are blue foam trunks carved with a box knife.  The trunks vary in height averaging about 6”tall.

After that, I simply stuffed blue foam carved rocks and cheap craft store vegetation in between all the trunks to about 3” tall.  Then a combination of floral wire and 3”-4” wooden disks were glued to the top of the trunks to make a frame for the forest canopy and lichen was glued to the frame.

Not the cheapest build I’ve ever done, but with the help of the 40% Hobby Lobby daily coupon for one item each trip, and just stopping every day on the way home from work, I managed the costs pretty well. (my wife’s opinion is vastly different)


  1. You know what? That looks pretty good. It scales well. That really makes quite a big difference. It also gives me an idea or two. Thank you!

  2. I really like them Will, other then the fact that they scale well, they also look alien enough while still looking like tree's if you know what I mean, but with 40K like you said been silly I've got to ask did you give them the laser beam test ? I remember watching a game where one trying to shoot the other through a ruin found a badly glued together corner which the beam passed through leading to a very friendly rules debate lol.

    1. Yes, great minds think alike, they got the laser test!
      I have a similar story dealing with a gamey gamer that has always been sitting at the back of mind since it happened a few years ago.

      The better solution is that I just don't play him anymore.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, I wasn't sure my approach would look any good, but I like the way they came out as well.

  4. All the fun of 40K! Hopefully these put paid to any shady tricks. As Frank says, they do look suitably alien too. Nice work!

  5. These are certainly a great way to create some "true" LOS blocks. Personally I think arguments about "true" LOS are what GW made those whippy sticks for...

    "so you want to argue that your guy can shoot through the slit window 12" away to hit my unit a further 12" beyond that?" WACK

  6. Very creative use of materials. The finished items look suitable alien in style.

    1. Thanks,
      I would have used an entirely different approach to a "historical" tabletop.
      Not the least because I don't know of any other ruleset that takes such a bizarre approach to LOS

      Maybe I'm just not well read....


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