TJOTMS, Ep.6: Arrival at K'Tusk Free Station

KCS Mary Shelley
Final Approach to K’Tusk Free Station

This is a planned stop, to take advantage of the advanced shipyard and make needed upgrades for the journey to New Texas. Every major ship visiting the station is required to take on a Station Pilot before commencing final approach.

Communication Specialist Karstaad
Sir, we have Pilot Jas Martius landing on pad 3.

Pilot Martius is escorted to the bridge, and a brief clarification is made during the introductions...

Station Pilot Lesario Canius
Apologies Captain Thuries, my colleague Martius took ill, and I am his replacement. I will be your pilot for station docking.

Captain Thuries
Quite alright, welcome aboard Pilot Canius

Soon after, The KCS Mary Shelley is established in her berthing orbit and Pilot Canius departs...

After a few minutes the radios come alive...

Comms Spec Karstaad
Captain, K'Tusk traffic control is asking where is the Pilot shuttle?

Comms Spec Karstaad
Ummm... Sir, it gets worse. They have no record of a Pilot named "Canius". The shuttle never returned.

Sensor Tech Grayson
Captain, I've detected the shuttle. It is tumbling on a trajectory directly away from the station.

Captain Thuries
Deploy the rescue bird immediately!

Major Guiscard and Lt. Philo embark, and the combat carrier is away...

Maj Guiscard
Captain, we are closing on the shuttle, Lt. Philo is EVA. 
She's dead stick and burning

Lt. Philo
I've reached the shuttle. The Operator is dead, but no sign of the Pilot "Canius"

Captain Thuries
What the hell is going on?


  1. Replies
    1. I think it's some guy in Illinois that's screwing with us...

  2. Better reformat your thinking machines and sweep for bugs....

  3. Ooh . . . I wonder if it's possible to get Inspector Gnomes out here on short notice. This truly is a mystery. A perplexipating and fascinating mystery.

    1. Oh, he's on the ship, yes, I agree, "forensic evidence was wiped clean, but..."

  4. Strange Will, a great story with a nice touch of intrigue to get use all hooked & as always great photo's of great models :)

    1. Thanks,
      The chase is on...or "the game is afoot", maybe

  5. Have you shown the rescue bird before? MDF hull with bitz?

    1. Hi Lasgunpacker,
      It's the most differentiated of 4 generic shuttles I built as a set. I have a post on it here:

      Specifically though, the rescue bird has a completely different cockpit. It is the front part of the hull from a resin cast main battle tank built by "Old Crow". The tank is not quite out of print. The "Old Crow" store is reduced to a landing page, but he does answer emails, and I think he still casts on request.

      The rescue bird has featured in a few adventures before, working for both good and bad guys. Infamously, in the "Toolenay Falls" episode, it played the part of a Nazi Gunship and shot down the KCS Helena, killing Admiral King.

    2. Thanks! Four shuttles that look vaguely similar is a great way to add some varity (and nod to the STC fluff too)

      And I knew I half way recognized that hull from somewhere, I used to pour over the Old Crow website, but never got around to ordering any when it was easier.

    3. I have around 2 dozen of his tanks, and I wish I had more...


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