TJOTMS: Ep.10, “The Best Way to Find Someone…”

Salyards Spaceport
New Cypress

In our previous Episode, Link: HERE, the Governor General authorized Eight Ball Command to take the fast courier KCS Passereaux to reach Graveskul on New Texas. Major Guiscard and Detective Gnomes are discussing the plan.

Maj Guiscard
“Why in the world would you tell the Governor we will take a Courier Ship when we know there is no way that ship can make the journey?”

“… you forgot to mention that we have no way of finding the anomaly even if we do get out there.”

Maj Guiscard
“Ok, that too…”

“What’s the best way to find someone?”

Maj Guiscard
“You give them a reason to find you.”

“…and imagine that. The Archuleta Brothers are just now receiving a tip from Johnny Ace that a long lost Navigator’s Map to New Texas and their hideout is in the ruins of Bayest’a.

There is no possibility they will pass up this opportunity.”

Maj Guiscard
“…and we’ll be waiting.
Nice plan. You could have shared that before.”

“If we can get in among them when they attempt to Teleport back, BAM. We’ll go with them.”

Maj Guiscard
“We’ll have to be fast.”

Hello Readers,
Will our heroes make the ambush? 
Tune in next week,
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  1. Ooh, Gnomes is getting all tricksy! I like it! A lot! I need to order more exclamation points! ;-)

    1. He is a gnome after all (do you get a discount for ordering exclamation points in bulk?)

    2. I think so, yes. Acquaintances in the ad business tell me it's not so, but I don't believe them. I think they're probably trying to sell me some used letters instead.


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