TJOTMS: EP.11, “...But It’s 11, so it’s Louder”

Ruins of an Imperial Outpost

Eight Ball Command has been given the mission to get to a planet so remote, and so hidden, that it is questionable that a ship could even reach it. It is known as “New Texas”.

However, the very reason that Eight Ball even knows about this planet, could also provide the tool that could be used to get there. The infamous criminal gang, known as the Archuleta Brothers have been using an almost unlimited ranging teleportation capability to execute heist after heist.  The Brothers’ M.O. is to teleport in, grab the object, and simply teleport back to their hideout on New Texas.

Eight Ball have fed the Archuletas false information that a valuable map is hidden in the ruins of Bayest’a (last Episode Link: HERE). If the Archuleta Brothers take the bait and teleport to Bayest’a, it might be possible for Eight Ball to get close enough to the creature called “Leaper”, and be inside the effect bubble when the gang attempts to teleport away and escape.

…success means that Eight Ball will suddenly be millions of miles away from home on New Texas. (Surrounded by the very criminals they’ve ambushed.)

The Action

Eight Ball has deployed on the target. Hidden behind the main building, and waiting for the Archuleta Brothers to arrive…

The Archuleta Brothers do not make them wait very long...
with a BAMF!, they arrive and immediately disperse to find the map they think is among the ruins.

Lt. Philo
“Major, I spy with my little eye… 7 bad guys."

"They are about as spread out as they’re going to get, Major. Now would be the time.”

Maj. Guiscard
“On my mark. Everyone go and don’t stop for anything. We have to be among them when they teleport out.  …and MARK!!!!”

 With a roar of his jetpack, Philo jumps right at Juan Archuleta

Maj Guiscard
“Ok, they're tightening up. Keep moving, get there first…”



Sgt. Mannessmann
“What the hell is that tingling feeling?”

Lt. Philo
“Holy Shiiiiiiiii….”

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  1. These two posts have definitely got me wanting to know more.

    1. Thanks Sean,
      It was fun to put together. Coordinating the story, mailing the minis and coordinating the release.

  2. Hehe... I follow both your blogs so I had already lined both the posts up for order of reading... *makes a cup of coffee. Sits back. Reads post. "Well that escalated quickly!"

    On a more serious note, I continue to be amazed by how caught up one can get in the story. I suppose diligent checking and rechecking of the blogs every day eventually pays off!

    Thanks again for the awesome update on our heroes in Sector 6 and Beyond!

    1. Thanks Joshua.
      I can't speak for Grove, but I just recently started a database to track all characters, locations, military units, and other things of note.

      That way I can check and make sure I didn't accidentally duplicate something.

      Still, it's a lot of fun.


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