Ocrade Opening Moves

To Recap:
The 4th Reich is raiding an Imperial planet governed under a corporate license.  Ocrade (pronounced oa-kray-dee) is an earth-like planet in the NW region of Sector Six.  The license is held by "Nusling Interstellar Enterprises" and is sparsely settled but industry rich.  A perfect target for Nazi raiders.

Raids of the 4th Reich follow in stages:
1. Isolate the Target
2. Smash Resistance
3. Bring Sufficient Transport
3. Grab the Target Tech and Personnel
4. Exfiltrate

The Raid on Ocrade would follow this pattern.
The first stage of the attack was against Ocrade's Deep Space Survey and Communications Station.  Led by Baroness Dagmara Niehoff and a contingent of the Terror Robots, the Nazi 22nd Exo-Atmosph√§re Kommando stormed the small asteroid and took out the Corporate troops before an alam could be sent.
With the Station down, the 717th Raiding Sqn was able to catch the Imperial ships at anchor.
One Imperial ship managed to get clear of the station and jump away.

With the warning out, the clock is ticking on the Baroness and the troops of the 4th Reich!


  1. Your 'Sector Six' thing remind me of 'Zone 6' in Doris Lessing's SF novel 'Shikasta.' A highly allegorical thing, 'Zone 6' I saw as 'death' or the underworld. People were drawn back from 'Zone 6' into the world by a rebirth - reincarnation if you like. I did wonder whether your world was inspired at all by Doris Lessing's novel?

  2. this all looks incredibly interesting. I better go read the background information to get the idea of what's going on as I intend to follow this with interest.

  3. To Archduke:
    No, as compelling as Shikasta was, the origin if the name is very mundane. When I was in the military during an overseas adventure, it was a postal designation. There seemed to be "visitors", "envoys", "contractors" and what have you of every stripe passing through. All it was missing was actual aliens and some of us were convinced we had some of those.

    To GJD:
    There isn't all that much background yet, but it's coming!


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