Ocrade: The Reich Closes In

After the failure of the frontal assault (here), Baroness Niehoff pulls back and manuevers against a defense outpost on the edge of the main Nusling complex. The Baroness will never admit that her officers were correct by advising this more deliberate attack.  Instead she orders the execution of the Landing Officer for incompetence on the basis that the initial attack only failed because his landing was too slow thus not enough units were dirtside or available. Such is life serving the "master race".
Time is now hard against the forces of the Reich, if they cannot achieve a breakthough here, they will leave Ocrade empty handed.  To stay any longer would mean annihilation by the Imperial rescue fleet.

The target of the attack is this defense bunker:
The Baroness herself leads a frontal attack to pin any mobile units and keep their attention
The main attack will be made on the Nazi right by a company of light armor. Smoke is dropped to cover their advance
The defense by the mercenaries hired by Nusling is heavily anchored on the bunker with a few screening units covering the hills on their left, and out of position to check the Nazi armor
The Baroness' plan to keep the defender's attention forward works almost too well, and artillery hits the attackers before they even leave their line of departure
...but the armor goes in
and with cries of "Eben-Emael!!!" Fallschirmjägers drop right onto the bunker
The breakthrough is achieved and the Nusling complex is laid bare to the Nazi depredations!

NEXT: The complex is doomed! Will the secret rescue team from Colores get there in time to rescue Dr. D'Ourii?
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  1. interesting. those APC's and IFV's look excellent though I am not sure if they'd fit with my 1/72 scale models... oh well.

    great stuff and I do feel sorry for that poor bugger who took the wrap for the failed assault.

  2. The AFV's are from Old Crow. They are small for 28mm, I'm going to do a post about scale anyway, so I'll post a pic of them next to a 1/72 M1.

    The execution bit was mostly for my 10 yr old. Nazi's are evil, and I wanted to do a "less dark" example. More "Vaderesque" than Dachau if that makes any sense. :)

  3. ok. thanks a comparison will be nice.
    and I think I understand what you mean.


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