Ocrade: An Opportunity for Colores

The Governor General is meeting with some trusted advisors and troubleshooter Maj Guiscard at the residence on New Cypress...
Admiral Vallis Larocque: I'm sorry Governor, but there is no possibility of a large intervention of the Colores fleet to save Ocrade.  Besides, the Imperials are on their way, what could we possibly add?

GovGen: I agree, but the Major thinks we may have an opportunity here. Major, please proceed.

Maj Guiscard: The Nazi raid is well under way and by the time the Imperial rescue fleet arrives they might catch a few ships in the withdrawal.  Even if the Imperials recover Nazi prisoners it will be too late for this being,
Doctor Sker Da’Ourii, a Rhodian from the Telel Enclave.  He is on Ocrade conducting power generation and propulsion experiments, and as you know, the Nazis will not take non-humans captive.  If he is found he will be killed.  
However, if you follow this jump trace on the Navigation Ansible,
I believe we can rapid transit to the Ocrade system and insert to the surface in time to save the Doctor.

Admiral Larocque: Obviously, this would enhance our research by an order of magnitude.  When can you leave?

Maj Guiscard: My team...
 ...is ready to depart immediately

Soon After: