Here it comes...
The Kingdom of Colores newest starship, Frigate Series 3AA, the "Helena".

Close-ups of the Bridge...Is that Admiral King in the Captain's chair?

Passing the cruiser Ste. Marie
...and off she goes on her first war patrol...

Finished, except for some decals, but I just had to show her off. I think she matches my fleet ships rather well.

I rebuilt the bridge four times, and I'm still not completely happy with this 5th attempt.  What is so frustrating is I could execute my vision easily if I wasn't trying to achieve an interior. But without a crossover reference to 28mm figures, why build in this scale anyway?

I would like to welcome Gov-Gen's 50th follower: mattblackgod


  1. That ship looks great, I am very interested in how your clever mind will game with it!

  2. Thanks Commisar and PS. Watch this space. I have some ambitious plans for blog collaboration.

  3. Thanks Stephen,

    Hey I know I owe you a longer Social Adventure write-up. Work has been a bear and I cannot resist the "new and shiny" project bug. I promise I'll get it on the Pulp Alley forum soon!


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