The Secret War, Part 1

The long war between the Kingdom of Colores and the 4th Reich has paused. After the ferocious battles in the sky and on the ground of Haussen (link), the Imperial Government has deployed the fleet to impose a ceasefire. Even in the most remote backwater that is Sector Six, the Emperor’s Battleships have always been the final argument. So there is peace….
…for now

The Admiral’s conference room aboard the Imperial Battleship Relentless
The official Imperial briefing has been completed, and the Diplomats continue the discussion more informally.
Governor-General Andres: ... moving on, I must confess, I did not expect you to be supervising the local peacekeeping efforts personally.

Imperial Sub-Ambassador Sulla Tigh: I go where duty calls.  Upon deep meditation it called me to the place least likely to draw the presence of Canoness Quintilla.

Any temptation to acknowledge the humor in SA Tigh’s quip are squashed under his stone flat affect.

GovGen: Quite.

a slightly raised eyebrow is Tigh’s only response

Imperial Orderly: Sir, our long range scanners have detected ship grade weapon discharges in the system's outer asteroid belt.
SA Tigh: turning on the Gov-Gen, What is that about?!??!

GovGen: Well, as the light is just reaching us now, whatever it was, happened hours ago.

SA Tigh: Governor, that is not a denial.
GovGen: No, it’s not. The Emperor’s "peacekeeping" directives state that Colores forces may not take any hostile action against declared 4th Reich installations. I’m confident that anything those people may have "declared”, does not include a stealthed listening post in the New Cypress system. So, whatever happened out there has nothing to do with the ceasefire.

It is not clear who wins the stare down.

SA Tigh: To borrow your expression Governor, “Quite”
Orderly!   …I need another drink.

Four Hours Earlier
Outer Belt, New Cypress, onboard the Colores Frigate Helena
Systems Officer Jones: …hatches secured, ship is at battle stations, Assault Boat shows all systems green, jump navigation green, jump engine charge status green.
Captain, I mean Admiral, we are go for jump.

Admiral King: Helm, Execute


8 Ball Forward Deployed Recon Team, Undesignated Asteroid, Coordinate 357N442 +.31mi from target
Pvt. Gelejns: Sergeant? Do you think the Admiral can do it? I mean, really. Can he jump the Helena into this little pocket?
Sgt. Q’Taupa: Private, I have not been hiding out on this pebble for 3 days marking targets, living in this suit, and wondering when you are going to get us killed by letting those Nazi’s see you, just to have the Admiral crash the damn ship and my ride home.
So, yes, he can do it.
…Q’Taupa’s suit emits a small chime
As a matter of fact, he will do it in the next 10 seconds.
Get that target data ready to transmit......

Reich's Officer: Gott in Himmel!!! To the Command Post!!!



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