Tabac Orbital Shipyards: Frigate Seires 3AA, Flying Bridge and Observation Deck

Construction of the Flying Bridge has begun.  Control panels and displays will be installed after atmospheric checks, so the work can continue under pressure.


  1. Strange ship design, but I love it!

  2. it really is a strange shape. but no worries about that as a space ship doesn't need to be streamlined in fact it is better to have lots of drag so it can slow down during re-entry. although I know to little about whether or not the engines and various shields, gravity simulators (so you can walk inside the ship) and other fields and thrusters mean that there is no need to be overly concerned about re-entry speed or whether the ship can land on a planet at all.

    really wierd to think about what all these science fiction space ships would need. everyone walks inside a space ship in the films so therefore gravity not only needs to be created but also created to work only inside the vessel and in a certain direction. Also the ships in the films always have their engines on, this means that the engines do not provide thrust or else they would need to turn them off. So somehow the engines move the vessel through space but only at a certain speed and only in a certain direction. naturally the glowing exhausts on the rear of these ships could actually be releasing used gas that has been superheated and act to cool the engines rather than to propel the vessel forwards.

    I don't know just some things to ponder I guess.

  3. I need to point out, this is designed to be the same style as the "fleet scale" ships I have for the Kingdom of Colores. They are the Disesho Confed faction from Ravenstar's "Cold Navy" line. There is no specific ship like my Frigate, but the design concept with the offset flying bridge is not original.

    GJD - I don't think earthlings have artificial gravity yet. I imagine that there is a rotational section in one part of the ship for living quarters, galley etc.

    Thanks Folks,

    1. good point. although I imagine that it is one of the things that would be of great use. Also I imagine that as many non earthlings would have it. in which case I assume that any boarding party of non-earthlings would be seriously in trouble not used to the zero-gravity inside the vessel an advantage for the defending crew.

    2. I'm finding this years later , but love the model. what was the turret from and how did you mount it.?


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