The Ultio Expedition: Ep. 1, Prelude

Imperial Sector Six Prime
Office of Sub-Ambassador Sulla Tigh
Sub-Ambassador Tigh
The "Kingdom of Colores" must be collection of mad men.  They have completely lost their minds.  This whole Sector is at the breaking point, and then they back the Rilti Rebellion against us???!!!.

Colonel John Andre (Imperial Intelligence)
Yes, Sub-Ambassador, unfortunately their barely concealed support of the traitors seems to have left us no alternative to the dissolution of the alliance. If only they had been more covert, we might be able to paper it over, but…

Sub-Ambassador Tigh
To quote my infinitely irritating Colores counterpart,
“Yes, quite”
Let’s table this for now.  You mentioned a signal intercept, what is that about?

Colonel Andre
The Astropathic Choir forwarded a fragmented message that seems to indicate an urgent visit by a ship of the Red Scorpions Space Marine Chapter regarding assistance in the Ultio Warzone…

Office of the Governor Genral
Travis Point
New Cypress, Kingdom of Colores
Sector Six

Admiral Jones (Colores Royal Intelligence Corps)
I am afraid, Governor, that the situation with the Imperials is moving toward an open break.

Governor General Andres
Let’s table that for now. What is this signal from a “Red Scorpion”?

Admiral Jones
Claims to be a Captain from the Imperial Space Marine Red Scorpions Chapter
This "Captain Culln" is asking for military assistance in a remote warzone

Gov Gen
Remote warzone? Good Grief Jones, if they need assistance, don’t they have enough local warzones? He should at least have the courtesy of not making us travel to the next Imperial debacle.

We should absolutely talk to this Captain Culln, and talk to him before his Imperium friends.

Admiral Jones
...but what should we do about his Imperium friends?  I mean, the local ones, who would like to kill us.

Gov Gen
Very confusing these Imperials:
Space Marine this, Mechanicum that, and now “Astra Militarium” rather than “Imperial Guard”. It’s as if it’s all just made up so they can sew new patches on each other’s uniforms…

Admiral Jones
It’s enough to put a man off his mid-afternoon cocktail hour.

Gov Gen
Yes, quite
The 290 Bunker Crew, my gaming club, has 9 players (including me) going to the Narrative Event at WargamesCon in Austin on the last weekend in August.  As it is the Narrative Event, there is a strong "narrative" component. We are starting with how the 290th Combined Task Force is put together, and will run the storyline from there.

Here is the facebook page of the "Narrative Guys" who are running the event:

Most cool, I get to share the event with my son.  Woot!

Looks to be fun!


  1. Narrative events are something we don't get here in Ireland Will sadly, so I'll just have to settle for enjoying your's mate, sounds fun & I loved the little prelude new patch's on their uniforms indeed lol.

    1. Thanks,
      I was going to write a comment a little more biting, but I'll save it for a better moment.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Allan,
      Coming from you, that is high praise indeed.

  3. This sounds like the setup for another fine campaign. I am very much looking forward to see how it unfolds. Facebook page duly liked.

  4. New patches is just brilliant! Looking forward to more.

  5. Thanks Generalissimo Forde,
    The current trend of random name changes to everything just to assert copyright has struck me as ridiculous. Had to get my shot in.


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