The Ultio Expedition: Ep. 3, Friends That Fight Chaos Together, Stay Together

Intelligence & Signals sealed compartment of the Imperial Destroyer “Emperor’s Hand”

Major John Andre, Imperial Intelligence
The data we are collecting from these warp anomalies on Ankori is incredible. If we can manage to set a sensor line completely encircling even one of them, we might be able to predict a breach almost anywhere.

We need more troops. Where are the forces that the Kingdom of Colores promised?
 I’m not sure our approach of reconciliation to Colores was effective Sub-Ambassador

Sub Ambassador Sulla Tigh
Give them time. They are a passionate people, they will come.

Major Andre
Isn’t there a proverb that is phrased something like “Ask me for anything but time”?

Signals Officer
Ambassador, incoming transmission from Kingdom of Colores ship “Passereaux”.  It reads,

“Dear Sub Ambassador Tigh,
Thanks for the invitation to the party.  If it’s alright with you, we’ll skip the reception line and get right to business.  Where do we land and who do we fight?
Sincerely Yours,
KC Ambassador Sophie Blanche-Andres”
SA Tigh
Outstanding, send her coordinates to where Blackwood and the Knights of D’Ley are operating.  Sync up their communications and they can handle operations between them.

Ambassador/Agent Sophie (her background is HERE) and her combat team are landing north of anomaly 5.1. Waiting to contest the space is a contingent of the Karmesin Brigade. 
Team Colores
Amb/Agent Sophie - Team Leader
AJ Quest -  Scion Officer
Dr. Applebeck - Psyker
Scion Fireteam

Karmesin Brigade Force
Kommander Helga - IG Officer
Reich’s Berzerker - Chaos Marine
2 Veteran Squads

The Colores forces must place monitoring equipment at key geographic points that resonate with the nearby Warp Anomaly. If they can place beacons in at least 3 of the 5 locations, the Colores forces will win.  The Karmesin Brigade must prevent the Colores victory conditions.

The Colores Team may deploy anywhere on the table, but may not make any attempts to place the sensors until turn 2.  The Chaos forces will all come in on Turn 1 from a random board edge.

The Battle
The Colores Dropship lands in the middle of the 5.1 coordinates.  The locations suitable for placement of the sensors are all around.  The team disperses to cover more ground.
The enemy comes in force from the east.

Due to a lucky deployment for the Colores Team, placement of 2 sensors is completed without opposition. The third however, looks like it will be more of a problem.  AJ Quest is facing almost all of the enemy by himself.
He is wounded in an exchange of fire with Helga, and the Berzerker charges in

...but he somehow rolls away from the Bezerker’s charge and unloads a full clip into him

And boots up the last sensor, completing the mission!
I have been holding off on this post until my miniatures from the Colony 87 kickstarter arrived and I could paint up "the Recordist".  I have known I wanted him to play the part of the Imperial Intelligence Analyst since I first saw him months ago. He's everything I imagined him to be. I hope you like him.

So the Narrative Guys have set up a online campaign as a prelude for the Event at WargamesCon in a couple of weeks.  All the participants are furiously playing games because apparently our results will set the battle lines and missions.

We've never participated in one of their games before, so we have no idea how this will actually shape the setup, and that seems to have spurred even more excitement. This report is just one of the 3 missions between my kids and I.  I think my Club has played something like 6 or 7 more.


  1. The new man looks great Will, I also love the radar looking thingy, the build up to the event is a fun idea with the effect on the day unknown until you guys get there & should add a lot to it.

    1. The Radar Thingy is from a Spanish company called "Custom Meeple". They have all kinds of little doo-dads like that.

      Good delivery, reasonable prices

  2. Love it! Great work on the Colony 87 guy. Mine just arrived on Tuesday.

    1. They are great. I am working on the botanist now

  3. Replies
    1. Shhhh....
      This was a game for that 40k event.
      My daughter has limited patience for learning new game systems, but still likes to indulge her Dad every now and then.
      (so yes, PA)

  4. Enjoyable as always, I love the pics in your reports. I didn't recall that fuel truck with the Gorkamorka and Sentinel combination, it's absolutely inspirational!

    1. I forgot there's an Ork "buggy" base under it. :)
      The fuel truck is a sentinel cab, an ork buggy body, the trailer body is from a the underside of a model railroading bridge, the payload is some barrels from I think a "Thomas the Tank Engine" set that my kids stopped playing with, and some wheels recast from a cheap toy.


  5. ^Suber,

    Is that what the fuel truck is? I was wondering. Will have to take a closer look. It's great.

    ^Maj. Guiscard,

    Brilliant as always! You have a gift for writing great scenarios. I am eternally envious that you manage to get so many games on the board. The Tartarus Rim has recently seen an influx from Colony 87 as well. They seem like good folks. The signals officer was a pleasant surprise. I must say, I'm looking forward to more in this campaign.

    1. I'll do a post about civilian vehicles since you guys are interested.
      It's funny, now that my son likes to play, I'm getting in 2 or 3 games (of various systems) a week. Deciding which ones to report is a good problem to have.

      He wants to build an Orc "Kings of War" Army next...
      The compound effect on the finances of having two of us in this hobby is driving my wife to distraction.

      I noticed the Tartarus Rim seems to be getting more active. Perhaps we can assist one another....

    2. Things have been relatively quiet around the Rim lately. There were briefly some rumors simmering about an out of the way spot in the Anesidora system, and there are always troubles with smugglers and restless orc bands around Moab and other spinward systems. But it's quiet enough right now that the Tartarus government could probably spare a few assets, if the spacelift capacity could be found to move them in a timely manner. That's easier with a few specialists than with a company of marines. (A company might as well be an army around these parts.) I'll see if I can't get the Proconsul to contact you back channel.

    3. Maj. Guiscard, it appears as though the Rim government doesn't have official diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Colores or Sector 6. Might I suggest you send a dispatch with appropriate information through my official address: If that were possible I believe I could then put you in contact with the Proconsul directly.


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