TJOTMS, Ep 14: “Mesuela”

Landing Field and Marketplace

After being damaged at the 2nd Battle of K’Tusk Station (Link: HERE), the KCS Mary Shelley is in need of supplies, parts for repairs, and replacement crew members. She is long beyond the range of her fleet to supply these needs, so the Shelley has come to the last major trading port: “Mesuela”, before the final leg of her passage to New Texas.

Able Spacers Smith and Jones are doing a brisk business at the recruiting station they have set up at the landing field. There seems to be no shortage of qualified crew looking for work.

Lt. Burke, Shelley’s Quartermaster, fills transport after transport with supplies and munitions to replenish the Shelley’s stores.

After two days of searching for a knowledgeable guide for the Wona Anomaly and New Texas, Navigator Miranda Staurakia and her entourage discover Marcus Orebringer.

Marcus Orebringer
"Within the Wona Anomaly it has been established that the performance of advanced technology is degraded. As a matter of fact, the more advanced the equipment and the further into the Anomaly, the more profound the effect becomes. Advanced targeting, long range detection, night vision, advanced spatial navigation, all of the things that modern warfare relies upon are just about worthless. The most prevalent theory is that the division between realspace and warpspace in the Wona Anomaly is severely blurred.

Among merchant Captains that traverse these routes, there is a consensus that by the time a voyager reaches the eye of the Anomaly on New Texas, the disrupting effect on technology is so severe that navigation must be accomplished with a sextant, the aiming of projectile weapons is done over iron sights, and many times, the most effective warfare is waged by the sword."

The Navigator proposes to Orebringer that he should accompany the Shelley to New Texas and he eagerly signs on.

However, all this activity has not gone unobserved….

Kommander Schaklow
“Not yet, my Skorpions. For now, we wait until the time is right.”


  1. Oh no! Dastardly villainous activities are afoot!
    Are those Puppets of war figs by the way?

    1. Dastardly indeed! ...and yes, Puppetswar Shadow Hounds. The one facing the camera has GW headswap.

  2. I'm with Mr P: the thot plickens!

  3. Wonderful set ups & story Will, but what is a foot one might ask :)

    1. 12 inches...
      I crack myself up.

    2. If that tech failure Orebringer is predicting is half as bad as it's made out to be everyone will be afoot soon enough. And swinging between spaceships on solar sails as they fight each other with sticks and rocks. Or maybe an odd axe here and there. Brilliant!

    3. This post by Grove is a hint.

  4. I would say the plot thickens but it already feels super saturated... Instead I will say that I am very interested in seeing how the new recruits turn out! Are there any records in the Kingdom of Colores mentioning these 4th Reich Skorpions? In other words, are they new? I would consult my own records however Ducal archiving is not what it once was...

    1. Brand new.
      Schaklow was tired of his Karmesin troops being slapped around like the French in 1939. So he consulted the local Nazi mad scientist and got these new, shiny, genetically and chemically enhanced super soldiers. (because that always seems to lead to better results ;) )

  5. I wish I was part of your gaming group. Looks like a lot of fun!


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