On the Hunt X: Peace Talks, Part 2

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 To Recap:
Opposing diplomatic operatives of the Kingdom of Colores and the 4th Reich are trying to persuade, entice, and/or threaten the other attending delegations of the peace conference to come to their side. 
For more info: The Setup
Diplomats from the Kingdom of Colores (KC) are spread widely whereas the Reich has concentrated the Baroness and Kommissar close to the Steiner reps and left the other two as blockers to slow down the progress of the KC's.
KC Diplomats move to the closest delegations and present their case.  Kol Grak and Kpt Juches move to blocking positions. But Grak encounters one of the distractions (of course it HAD to be the Working Girl) and fails the challenge!  Comically, he is rendered hors de combat and fails to even return to the game! 
Kpt. Juches moves up the vacated corridor and faces off against Adm King. King sends the young pup packing.  The Nazi's are already 2 diplomats down.
Luckily, Baroness Niehoff quickly gathered up the Steiner delegation and began moving toward her big play for Imperial favor. At least someone is staying on task.
Da'Ourii wins a verbal kerfluffle with the Kommisar and moves to the elevator door to forstall the Baronnes, but again, a diplomat falls to distraction when he is waylaid by the Moroh Syndicate's Chief Smuggler.  Da'Ourrii is led aside and the Baroness gets the express elevator.
Arriving first, the Baroness swiftly pleads her case of persecution to Quintilla. The KC's are fatally behind as a result of their wide deployment and time runs out before Quintilla can be influenced, she is completely in thrall to the Nazi.  The Baroness smirks as the gaze of the Imperial Cannoness coolly regards the arriving Governor General and entourage.
Quintilla: "Whatever your original grievance against these poor people, Governor, you have clearly exceeded the bounds of justified force in the pursuit of this conflict. I recommend you agree to halt your aggressive war lest the Emperor's servants decide to take a more active role."
GovGen: "Of course we will endeavor to act in cooperative manner with all the inhabitants of Sector Six. I look forward to seeing all of you at the conference table."
So the Colores side finished the game with 3 plot points, the Timtai, Hatirki, and the Gis, but through the single-minded efforts of Baroness Niehoff, the Reich ended up with the Steiners and the Imperials.  Since the Imperials were the Major Plot Point and worth 3 points, the Reich wins 4 to 3.

Niehoffs colleagues were ridiculously hopeless and ineffective.  First the Kolonel falls to the charms of the lady of the evening on turn 1, and then the other 2 clowns get wiped out in successive turns of banter and quip. Heck, the Smuggler did more for the cause by diverting Da'Ourii, and the Smuggler was just Perilous Terrain!

So the political landscape of Sector Six seems to be that the Kingdom of Colores has the support of most of their fellow local governments, but the lone superpower will frown upon any overt combat action against the Reich.  Quite the conundrum for our heroes.

I hope you found this engaging and stick around. I appreciate your interest, and your time. A sincere thanks!

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  1. Ok I gotta say using the personalities as perils and even terrain to make diplomatic negotiations is just brilliant. Well done, i would have never thought of that.

  2. Nice ending to this storyline. So what's next? :)

  3. Thanks PSky, mostly Dave Phipps ideas.

    Hi DS, what's next?
    Do you have any 28mm minis? :)

  4. Okay, I have to know more about how you used the different characters as Perils and Plot Points, could you post a detailed Scenario Setup here or on the PA forum?


  5. Thanks Steven,
    I'll post something over on the PA forum a little more in depth.

    Give me 'till sometime this weekend.


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