Rise of Tyranny Campaign: Getting the Picture

Opening Situation
Task Force Omega has been transiting Sector Six. Briefly emerging from the warp to acquire navigational data, the Task Force has received multiple PRIORITY ONE calls from Imperial Intelligence Agents requesting immediate recovery.

The Task Force immediately dispersed through the Rentlaw system to recover as many agents as possible. After a week of scrambling and fighting against hostile forces, a picture of a Sub-Sector in turmoil has emerged.  As reports continue to come in a few facts are clear:

1. This is not just a “binary” conflict, there are several factions in play.  A human faction called “The 4th Reich” has exploded into open warfare, additionally, because of Imperial garrison drawdowns, many other political threats to Imperial security have independently decided that this is the moment to act.

2.  No Agents were recovered from Xochoi. It seems the entire planet has been lost from Imperial control

3. From information collected by Agents recovered from Malathorne and Eleteema it is clear that the Reich has opened this war on several fronts as well as inciting other factions to distract from this main threat

4. Pending further intelligence reports, the strategic picture looks like this:

Individual Actions of Note:

An intercepted transmission from Malathorne

+++++++++ Code name Schwarzbar ++++++++
At 09.00 hours standard time on 5Nes301 at grid location f56/k38 on Malathorne the forces of the 4th Reich engaged the Imperial forces who were trying to extract an Imperial agent, who it is believed had information that could be harmful to the Reich's invasion plans for the sector.
It is with great pride that I report to you Obergruppenfuhter that the forces of the Reich conducted their duties to the high standards that is expected of them & was victorious in its objective of preventing the enemy from completing their mission.

Schwarzbar out.
During the action, a photo of (who analysts believe) was Schwarzbar was taken

An AAR with the Grey Knights Commander, Aidan Perdron, reports that Imperial Intelligence Officer Titus Varro was rescued on Batatampi.  Lt. Varro provided timely intelligence on the Reich’s plans, and it is believed the Reich aborted their local mission. Commander Adian was severely wounded in the action.

Dark Angels Strike Force Commander, Fatrius Werro, successfully recovered 2 Agents and inflicted heavy casualties among both 4th Reich forces as well as a second group of insurgents of unknown origin.

Hi Readers,
Just over a week before the Campaign opens! Next Friday, March 18th.
I'll probably have one more map update before then, and I will have a bonus scenario posted March 17th.

Thanks to Frank for the remote update and detail!

Any character/army/battle details submitted will be posted!

Lastly, a big welcome to our 2 new Sector Six readers:
airbornegrove26 and TJ



  1. Good to see this coming along & well done on the first mission Will, I don't know how the other games work out but our's went down to the wire & we both really enjoyed it.

    Wow I'm even more excited about the 17th now as not only is it the day of us Irish Patrick's day, but now there will be a bonus scenario to go with it.

    One last thing before I go Will would it be ok if I post an AAR of the game on my blog now that you have your results in ?

  2. Wow, sure you can post an AAR!
    The more games / background / information we add, the more immersive it becomes. When your AAR goes up, I'll link to it from here as well.

    Happy early St. Patrick's Day!


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