TJOTMS: Ep.7, No One Cries Over Spilled Spies

KCS Mary Shelley,
K’Tusk Free Station

The KCS Mary Shelley has arrived at K’Tusk Free Station to upgrade her Warp Engines and other systems for the long journey ahead (Link: HERE). Shockingly, when the Shelley was moored, it was discovered that the harbor pilot was an impostor who has escaped back into the station. (previous episode Link: HERE)

While ship’s technicians figure out what the impostor did to the computer systems onboard, famous detective Sherlock Gnomes

has tracked the spy back to Dock 35A on K'Tusk.

Captain Thuries
"Major Guiscard, get your team to the station, and capture that operative at all costs."

Major Guiscard
"Eight Ball is on the way, Captain!"

K’Tusk Free Station is a sprawling mass of corridors and hab units teeming with people. However, some older sections are pretty much forgotten and provide isolated areas where less savory activities can be transacted. Unknown to station administrators, Dock 35A has housed an intelligence cell of the 4th Reich for years.

This cell alerted their superiors as soon as they found out that the KCS Mary Shelley was inbound. The longtime nemesis of Major Guiscard, Kommander Schacklow took personal control of covert operations and created the plan to infiltrate the ship with a fake harbor pilot. The operative has successfully returned with vital information, and Schacklow knows that Eight Ball Command cannot be far behind.

It’s time to close up shop and escape.

Starting from the safe compartment, the Nazis must navigate their way though the Docking area to a hatch on the far side.  A stealthed courier ship is waiting.

Eight Ball has deployed to stop them.

Aside from the Nazi Operative there are other items that would be valuable...

The Operative's personal possessions...

A religious hermit who has lived in these corridors for decades...

and the software package that was used against the Shelly...

The Battle

The Nazis tried two avenues of attack:

The battlefield was tight and much of the action took place at close quarters, but through the jumble of abandoned equipment surprise shots were discovered. The first line of attack became a slaughterhouse as the Nazi troops tried to transit a murderous crossfire.

The second was lead by Kommander Schacklow. A small column went around the right side of Eight Ball and it looked like he might have found a way out.

But Sgt. Mannesmann looped around and attacked from behind

and after downing the trailer, had a go at Schacklow himself

but even with Major Guiscard piling in, they are over matched. This is a holding action until station security can arrive to back them up.

The last Nazi soldier grabs the trembling spy (he's trembling, that's why he's blurry in these pics) and makes a dash for the hatch.

but Specialist "Egghead" Bont, holds the line and guns him down.

As K'Tusk Station Security arrives and is shocked by the carnage, Schacklow bounces Mannesmann off a wall and cuts Guiscard deeply to break out solo...


Security Chief
"We need all Emergency Medical Teams down here, there are bodies everywhere!"

While the Nazi's were unable to get away with any information, the Colores forces were almost as equally frustrated. K'Tusk Station Security took the spy (and all other objectives) into custody and have refused to provide any information.

Further, because the Colores intervention was not approved by K'Tusk authorities, (...and this is NOT the first time, Link: HERE) all Colores personnel are forbidden from entry, and the contracted work on the ship has been suspended until the Captain meets with the station administrators to discuss the situation.

This will probably not go well...

Hi Readers,
The rules used were Pulp Alley and the scenario was "Dangerous Delivery". Typically, a Pulp Alley game results in fewer casualties than a straight up battle game, but not this time. Everyone was failing their saves and recovery roles. It was surpirsingly bloody.

Just for fun, I replayed the scenario with SW:A rules, still using the "Dangerous Devlivery" scenario. The Nazis took a few more casualties than Eight Ball and then bottled out. Much less carnage, but a lot less cinematic.

I used the floor tiles from the new Necromunda, but, because I have not had time to work on the sprues from the box, the bulkheads were from the "moon" terrain set.

Thanks for looking
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  1. Wow that was a nail biting report. I can't wait to start kicking Reich butt myself. ;)

    1. Wait, what? I thought your space zombies were allied with the space Nazis? I clearly missed a memo somewhere! :D Gotta go find that thing!

    2. They are I just havent started my narrative games for the campaign yet. ;)

    3. We both have elements of good and bad guys...

      ...and a plan

      What could go wrong ? ;)

    4. Now that you mention it . . . I suppose we all do. Makes the casting a little easier when you have a full stable of actors already to hand. What could go wrong? What could go so very very right! :D

  2. Excellent PA game! Dangerous delivery is a good one, and you've made it a great story. Thank you for sharing this bit of wonderful. Can't wait to see how the gang works around this little pitfall.

    1. Thanks for the kudos!

      The good news is that the Nazi's don't have any "extra" data.
      Bad news, they already knew the Shelley was coming...

    2. Oh heck. Here's to hoping they've forgotten about earlier thoughts that the Warp Imploder is some kind of super-bomb. Not sure how much they talk to the Inquisition or how effective that little bit of involuntary re-training really was.

    3. I was thinking along the same lines

  3. Sir , evocative as always, I love your stuff!

  4. Replies
    1. It was. I will confess to this being a solo effort. I usually rope in my buddies who may or may not know they are playing a game that ends up in the storyline, but this was an in-house affair.

  5. Replies
    1. Lol
      Don't tell that British guy. We'll all get lectured at again.

  6. That was amazing! Cant wait for more!

    1. Thanks Joshua
      The next episode is already in the can!

    2. Awesome! Also, a quick query... I was wondering if you have seen Warlord Games K'47 range? I was thinking of using their germans for space Nazis... like your opinion!

    3. Hi Joshua,
      I think mostly it comes down to personal taste.
      I like:
      Warlord Games k47 Falschimjaegers
      Pig Iron Colony Militia
      and Macrocosm CDC troops. I'm sure I'm leaving out a bunch.

      The ones with the hoods you see on my blog are mostly Bronze Age Miniatures.

  7. Popped by earlier Will but the old computer is acting up & I couldn't see the pictures, while a radio show can be alright I like movies better : )
    & I wasn't disappointed, another great AAR with you going PA solo, having played many a game of PA that way I know just how bloody it can get when the dice permit & I believe in what was at stake here that's as it should have been.

    Really enjoyed it mate & as always your report was top notch : )

    1. Thanks Frank,
      Yes, movies are better. Although I've been in my car a great deal recently and audiobooks are growing on me.

      Thanks for the compliments, and great to hear from you!


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